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In this article, we will guide you so you can unlock Zereth Mortis flying! Zereth Mortis was introduced to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in patch 9.2.0. It is the forbidden realm of the First Ones. The zone has its own faction, which you can grind reputation for to unlock things from the quartermaster. It’s called “The Enlightened”. You can also unlock double legendary by getting to “Revered” standing with this faction.

Zereth Mortis is filled with treasures that give “Cosmic Flux”, a currency that is used to craft tier items or 291 item level legendaries. However, some of these treasures are in very tricky places, this is why you need to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis.

What is Zereth Mortis Flying Achievement?

Zereth Mortis flying achievement is called “Unlocking the Secrets”. This achievement has 6 different achievement requirements.

  • Explore Zereth Mortis: Explore the Zereth Mortis zone until you have no covered areas remaining on it
  • Curious Collections: Discover 5 hidden treasures of Zereth Mortis. They are scattered all around the zone. You can take Venthyr covenant to easily reach tricky places with Door of Shadows.
  • Path to Enlightenment: There are some side quests in Zereth Mortis. You need to complete “Small Pet Problems”, “Not AI Are Lost” and “Return to Grace” to complete this achievement.
  • Tales of the Exile: Find and read 7 volumes of “Firim in Exile” in Zereth Mortis. These look like little scrolls on the ground and you can find them in the following locations:
    • Part 1: Located next to the main road, 35.74, 55.47
    • Part 2: Located on the birds nest, 41.74, 62.46
    • Part 3: Located under the bushes, 37.56, 46.08
    • Part 4: Located under the bushes next to the Jiro, 49.84, 76.50
    • Part 5: Located on the cave entrance, 39.01, 31.10
    • Part 6: Located next to the dead Scarabid, 67.41, 25.18
    • Part 7: Located next to the elite worm, 64.77, 33.71
  • Adventures in Zereth Mortis: Kill 10 unique Rare Elites in Zereth Mortis. They are scattered around the map and you can just go around doing quests and they will spawn.
  • A means to an End: Complete chapter 6 of the Zereth Mortis campaign.

Is Zereth Mortis Flying account-wide?

Yes, Zereth Mortis flying is account-wide. This means, that when you unlock it on your main you will get it on all your alts once you unlock Zereth Mortis.

Where is the portal to Zereth Mortis?

Zereth Mortis portal is located at the top floor ring in Oribos. If you cannot see the portal, you may not have Zereth Mortis unlocked yet. Unlocking Zereth Mortis requires the completion of some old campaigns. If you don’t know how to unlock it or don’t have time for it, you can always buy Zereth Mortis Unlock Boost from Blazing Boost 🙂

Zereth Mortis Frequently Asked Questions

Can you skip Zereth Mortis on alts?

Yes, once you complete Zereth Mortis until chapter 3 on your main you can skip it on your alts. However, it is skipped until chapter 3. So you still need to do the rest to get reputation if you want to push for the quartermaster goods.

What is the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis?

Creation Catalyst is a place where you can turn an eligible item into a Tier item. It is automatically unlocked on your alts once you unlock it on your main. It is located in the Catalyst Gardens and looks like a tower. To reach the top, you should use the geyser on the ground or fly up into it. You can create Tier items using a Helm, Shoulder, Cloak, Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belts, Legs, and Boots.

  • Converting a Helm, Chest, or Leg item costs 1500 Cosmic Flux (the Zereth Mortis currency)
  • Shoulders or Gloves cost 1200 Cosmic Flux
  • Converting Bracers and Cloaks costs 600 Cosmic Flux
  • Belts and Boots cost 800 Cosmic Flux

Can you deposit anima in Zereth Mortis?

Yes, you can deposit anima in Zereth Mortis. It’s right next to Bolvar in “Haven” and it’s actually the easiest way to deposit anima. Whenever you change your covenant, the anima deposit NPC in Haven changes too so you don’t have to fly to the covenant sanctum every time.

If you don’t have time to unlock Zereth Mortis flying yourself, you can always buy the service from Blazing Boost! 😊

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