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Bungie’s “return to form with Crota’s End brings about a brand new raid loot to look forward to. While most of the stuff will be the same as the OG drops from Destiny 1, there are many changes.

In this article, we will present some of the most interesting weapons from the loot table and some comments on the items themselves. You should get more insight into what’s good, what’s pretty average, what to avoid, and what’s just not worth it.

Crota’s End Star of the SHow: Necrochasm

It’s beautiful, really.

This Auto Rifle is going to be very sought after. After all, the Exotic Perk allows for Precision Final kills to trigger a Curse Thrall explosion. What this means is that when you do final blows while Curse Thrall is up, your magazine is refilled.

The weapon boasts several perks that will be quite handy and will have you “god-roll” addicts gnawing at the raid.

Fang of it Yut – craftable scout rifle

The cool thing about this weapon is the raid-bound Sword Logic perk which triggers Rampage. As you face tougher opponents, the perk grants you bigger damage and bonuses against them.

It also has a new perk called Precision Instrument which, as the name suggests, if you do sustained damage it increases your Precision damage. Couple that with the Strand-type damage and you get a pretty solid choice for both PvE and PvP.

Up close and Personal with the Swordbreaker shotgun

The shotgun that will grace the Crota’s End Raid Loot is a lightweight frame. What’s new for this shotgun is the perk called Barrel Constrictor. What the perk does is basically make your Final Blows reduce the projective spread of your next shot.

It sounds… interesting but we will see how it does in PvE since for PvP it sounds kind of useless (if you take into account the opening damage required).

Word of Crota – Handcannon

Another craftable weapon which some really good perks (which we already covered above like the Precision Instrument & Sword Logic). Thinking how buffed the Handcannons are getting in the season, we can assume this HC is going to be a must for PvErs.

The farm is on!

What do you think of our picks? Any favorites already? Do let us know in the comments below if we’ve singled out a piece that you will be getting on Day 1?

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Stay strong Guardians!

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