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Dropping in a day from now is the new Sun Quad LTM in Apex, with the biggest draw being the Ash Heirloom. That’s right folks – yet another legend is getting a new Heirloom before Fuse. Thanks a lot, Respawn /s

There are some things we need to get out like how to get the Heirloom for cheaper AND what is happening with the state of the game.


If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably missed the tech news Epic Games and Valve released. Fortnite is getting a massive upgrade thanks to the new Unreal 5 tech and Valve is making huge strides with Counter-Strike 2’s fantastic tech.

Why are we talking about other video games in an article about Apex Legends? Well, the game’s 4 years old, and the biggest thing to get excited about is a new LTM… while other games are literally REMADE. It pays to dream big, right?

Ash Heirloom and Buffs

Let’s s start with the Ash in the room – the new Heirloom (yeah, that was rhyme all right). Respawn continues their tactic of buffing a forgotten legend before they bank on their new Heirloom. Ash’s abilities are getting a sweet update:

  • Her Ult is now faster and can travel a farther distance
  • Her Q is 50% faster and the cooldown is reduced (+ its range is increased so you are guaranteed to hit your targets with the snare)

Now, we welcome buffs to legends that need them (incoming some Revenant love, FINALLY!). However, it really speaks volumes when a legend only gets buffed when the company can earn from its Heirloom. It’s just greedy at this point.

As for the Heirloom itself, it is the standard $160 fare. Unlike The Imperial Guard event, there won’t be any freebie packs so you have to buy/craft it, which is a real shame.

There are several new skins (and old recolors), including the Loba swimsuit which is, underwhelming, to say the least. They’ve been teasing this for years and it ended up being… a smock. Or whatever.

We didn’t even get the Barechested Fuse skin… like, c’mon Respawn, wake up!

If you’re keen on getting the Heirloom, we suggest buying the discounted packs first (which will give you half of the available skins). Plus, if you’ve been saving up on crafting materials, make sure to get those first. Otherwise, $160 is what it would take to get the new Heirloom.

Nunchuck mania

The Heirloom itself looks like a pointy nun-chuck, tinted blue. It’s been quite a while since we’ve played Titanfall 2 but its probably connected to her previous color of her Titan:


Michelangelo from TMNT would be proud. It is a rather divisive heirloom with some players calling it rather cheap looking. Others are quite impressed with the direction Respawn took with it. We were all expecting a katana or a sword (since, hey… she does use one). There’s still some time before we see the full extent of the Heirloom’s animations and such so we cannot judge completely.

New LTM “heatwave”

Fans of the sun will have a kick of this new LTM. It runs as a normal BR with an added gimmick. A heatwave will appear which will damage you and your squad if you are caught in the open. You will need to either use a heatshield, get a pair of sunglasses or hide in a building. For now, we don’t know for certain how much damage you will suffer but it’s supposed to be significant.

The event will bring a slew of improvements and balance changes as well as new crafting rotations. The Eva and 30-30 go into the Crafter while the Volt and the Longbow are now ground loot again.

The LTM will have several collectibles, including a Bangalore skin, a very cool-looking Charge Rifle skin, and some other goodies.

No event packs in this one sadly 🙁

With the new Sun Squad LTM right around the corner, are you excited about the new Ash Heirloom? What about her buffs – do you think she’d become viable in Ranked again? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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