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Rise up Guardians – Lightfall is here and so is our guide for the best builds you can use to hit that soft cap in no time. Not only that but the builds we have here, can vibe hard with the new Strand sub-class as well. You only need gear which you would’ve already collected from S19.

We have all of the 3 Guardian classes covered here. Since there are many builds present in Destiny 2, we opted to get the best ones overall for your Guardian. Let’s start since there’s a lot to cover!

The Warlock FUSION Build

For our space wizards we have the FUSION build, which is just insane in terms of utility, survivability, and damage. This is arguably one of the best builds for Lightfall from the start up since it will do massive damage and benefit from the new META changes.

The highlights of this build are the fact that your super is up very quickly + you use an infinite amount of Fusion grenades which are OP. We mentioned high survivability, and this is gained through healing.

The build itself can be used either as:

  • Empowering Rift
  • Healing Rift

The build is reliant on using the chest piece Starfire Protocol for the extra fusion grenades. Since upon kills with a fusion grenade, you will be getting the Rift back. When you do damage while empowered, you will get your energy for throwing more fusion grenades.

However, keep in mind that since the grenades are mostly used against harder enemies, you can focus on healing and going with the Healing Rift.

Aspects that are part of this build are:

  • Touch of Flame
  • Icarus Dash

On the Fragments selection, there’s a new one in Lightfall you can opt for:

  • Ember of Resolve (you get healed when a Solar Grenade explodes – huge buff for this build)
  • Ember of Blistering
  • Ember of Char / Ember of Ashes

Onwards towards the mods which you will need:

  • Ashes to Assets x 2 (maybe even 3, since you can do so now in Lightfall – this is to increase your Super’s cooldown)
  • You can also use Impact Induction / Bomber (basically, any mod that will be refreshing your Fusion Grenade faster)

Stats-wise, you’re gonna want to get your Discipline up to 100.

The Titan’s VOID Build

Next step in our best builds for Nightfall, we have the Titan’s Void. This is just a broken build thanks to the Heart of Unmost Light and it’s perk. But let’s elaborate on it, shall we?

The great thing about this build is the downtime. There almost isn’t any. You can use all of your 3 abilities most of the time and with some good coordination and movement, you will be having 100% upkeep, all the time.

It is the perfect build to use in almost any PvE content, up to and including GMs but only so far that you know you can still get killed if you aren’t careful.

The strength of this build is that it gives over-shields when using a barricade. This means that you and your allies will benefit from increased defense and will be able to soak up more damage.

Added to this is the fact that in Lightfall, overloads and volatile will be part the Titan’s arsenal. This translates to your shoulder charge being able to stun overloads. Additionally, the volatile rounds from the void explosions will be able to stun barriers. The gist is that you don’t need any sort of anti-champion artifact perk or weapon. This opens up the possibility to further buff the build with more mods.

To run this build as a Void Subclass, you should pick:

  • Ward of Dawn for the Super
  • Rally Barricade
  • Shield Bash (melee)
  • Vortex Grenade

From Aspects you need to pick:

  • Controlled Demolition
  • Bastion

As for Fragments, go with:

  • Echo of Instability for the added buff of being able to stun barrier Champions come to Lightfall with volatile rounds;
  • Echo of Starvation (so you can get Devour)
  • Echo of Expulsion.

When it comes to equipment, the one thing that is required is to have a Harmonic Siphon Mod. This is to ensure creating an orb that will give you Devour.

For the Exotic, you should go with Heart of the Inmost Light. This weapon improves all 3 abilities and since the build itself relies on using them as much as possible, you really need them to give everything 100%. Speaking of 100%, you will need Resilience, Strenght, and Discipline to 100.

Speaking of resilience, you should use a resilience Ghost Mod when focusing armor for getting a high stat armor.

Since the build is reliant on using our 3 abilities non-stop, it is recommended that you stock up on mods that give you cooldown reduction.

Hunter VOID build 

Finally, we round up the best of the Lightfall builds with one for the Hunters and it is the Void variant. This build Is getting buffed in Lightfall. It will now have Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s dodge base cooldown reduced from 34 -29s and 46 – 38s respectively. This means you can go in and out of invisibility that much quicker and chain combos like crazy.

Additionally, come Lightfall, you will have 3 ability cooldown mods instead of two so imagine the benefits of this build. Go ahead, we can wait 🙂 For the lazy, the build will have infinite invisibility and volatile rounds and you will be pretty much unkillable. Simply pop out of a fight, wait for your armor to recharge, and go back in.

We recommend utilizing Gurfalcon’s Hauberk with this build since it gives you volatile rounds when you come out of Invisibility, but there are plenty of options (like Frostees, Assassin’s Cowl, or other pieces) that you can choose, depending on your playstyle.

One thing to note here is that if you use The Sixth Coyote, you will gain a second Dodge instead. This is actually great if you want to play defensively since thanks to that 2nd dodge, you will ALWAYS have an invisibility charge ready when using a dodge on enemies.

Now for the abilities themselves:

  • Single Shot Tether that grants 30% DEBUFF
  • A gambler’s dodge
  • Vortex grenade

The Aspects are as follows:

  • Trapper’s ambush
  • Vanishing Step

For the Fragments, you should opt for:

  • Echo of Leeching
  • Echo of Dialation
  • Echo of Persistence

When talking about mods, even with the upcoming changes, you can count on:

  • Powerful Friends (boost to extra stats)
  • Radiant Light
  • 3 Utility Kickstar Mods (if applicable)

Woo, that was a fun ride. Which of the builds would you consider best in slot spec as in Lightfall? As always, if you require help, we at Blazing can always pair you up with a good team to teach you how to excel in Lightfall. Take a look at all the options available for you here.

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