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Dragonflight: vault of the incarnates Raid – a guide for all bosses

Nothing beats the excitement when a new expansion comes along and the first raid beckons. This is what awaits us when Dragonflight is released on November 28th. The Vault of Incarnates raid is the first true test in PvE content planned for this expansion. With this guide, you will know what to expect from the bosses and how to defeat them.

Keep in mind that most of this info is from the beta. A lot of tuning will be done by Blizzard upon release. Certain boss abilities may be buffed or entirely removed. However, the majority of the bosses are confirmed and so is the loot.

Don’t forget – for the first time ever, Normal, Heroic, and mythic difficulties will be available from the get-go!

Bosses and progression

The Vault of the Incarnates Raid is situated in the Thaldraszus zone in the Dragon Isles. Using this guide, you will find out most of the boss’s abilities and tactics. For the loot, we will have a separate article. We won’t want to overwhelm you with information as is.

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Fiery Dragonkin with the same voice actor as Garosh (Hellscream’s son). A vicious brute with fire affliction.

  • Summons ads (throughout the fight)
  • AOE fire that hits the entire raid periodically
  • Avoid the flaming pools from where the ads spawn
  • Summons Collapsing Army: a giant circle of Fire Elementals that are linked by a fiery chain. Raid must burst down one so the chain is broken, otherwise, it will one-shot anyone who gets touched by the chain


A rather simple fight. Simply burst him down as fast as possible. Try to AOE the ads as soon as they appear. The tank should be facing the opposite of the raid. Avoid the fire pools and be mindful of Primal Flow (ads can get Molten Barrier which will make them tough to take down).


An Elemental Stone Lord who servers as a raid/gear check. Needs to be burst down as fast as possible for he has a soft enrage timer that starts the moment he’s engaged (the timer is shorter in heroic/mythic).

  • No adds on this fight, tank, and spank
  • The boss applies a dot on a random player who has to get away from the raid in order not to kill it off
  • Boss casts Resonant Aftermath, basically slamming the platform and you cannot stand there until he’s defeated (or you wipe)
  • Two tanks are required because someone HAS to be in his proximity, otherwise he will use Tectonic Barrage (which on higher difficulty is a wipe)

A unique mechanic is a huge boulder that falls down on two random players. The tank that has aggro needs to use the beam mechanic to break the rocks that fall down (so the raid can move).

The Primal Council

This is a collection of the strongest Elemental Lords who represent the basic elements of Azeroth (Frost, Lightning, Earth, and Fire). The basic gist of the fight is to cancel effects and spells from the opposite school of magic (fire negates frost, etc.)

  • Kadros Icewrath
  • Dathea Stormlash
  • Oplfan
  • Embar Firepath

These 4 handsome, um, gentlemen (and lady) are powerful beings that originate from the time Azeroth was young. They represent the 4 elements (naturally) and will be a real check for raid cohesion and tactic acumen.

The fight can look quite complex with 4 bosses. However, it isn’t anything different from than previous 4 boss encounters. There is 2 melee vs 2 caster bosses.

The melee ones are Embar Firepath and Opalfang. They need to have two tanks assigned to swap between the bosses. This is because they both apply ticking dots on the tanks. One is called Burning Convocation, which at 100% will unleash a frontal cleave and can damage everyone standing in front of him. The second is called Crush which will appropriately “crush” the tank if not swapped at 100%.

The casters on the other hand, Dathea Stormlash, and Kadros Frostgrip have abilities like Ball Lightning and Frost Spike which MUST be interrupted. Otherwise, the healers will be overwhelmed to keep those players alive. This is because the melee bosses do random targeting of players with AoE attacks (like Meteor Axes by Embar). Combined they can one-shot a player.


This spidery monstrosity is one tough bastard. It is also one of the most complex raid encounters in Vault of the Incarnates. It is due to the fight taking place, not in a single arena, but several.

This fight is all about finishing ads quickly before being overwhelmed.

There are two types of ads that spawn:

  • Caustic Spiderlings which explode
  • Frostbreath Arachnid – a tanky mob that deals AEO damage to the entire raid and increases dmg from frost attacks (which stacks)

The fight is divided into phases where Sennarth will climb and summon ads to fend the raid off. Players should avoid Frost Expulsion which she casts regularly (can be avoided).
Healers need to watch for Gossamer Burst – a raid-wide pull that deals massive physical damage.

The boss also applies a debuff called Web Blast. Since tanks will be soaking up her special hits, after 6-8 stacks they have to swap. So, 2 tanks are required as well.

Once you’ve chased her to the last platform, the fun begins. She’ll continue to spawn the tiny exploding bastards, but there are new pitfalls here. For one, the boss mustn’t stand on Icy Grounds (patches of ice that reduce dmg taken by 99%).

For others, you ought to use Sticky Webbings not to slide off the platform. The rest is just dodging Permafrost and trying to DPS her down before Pervasive Cold wipes the raid.


This hateful wind fart is actually a very powerful wind elemental. Infused with the power of Raszegeth, she is an annoying boss that requires not to get thrown off her tiny platform.

The fight itself is fairly simple – the boss only has one stage. There are many abilities, however, including 2 adds (the latter only on heroic or Mythic):

  • Volatile Infuser (buffs the boss with 5% increased damage per stack which should be interrupted). It requires an off-tank since it has a powerful ability called Aerial Slash (massive damage that can kill off the main tank).
  • Thunder Caller (spams Storm Bolt)

Her tank must try to always stay in melee range, which can be tricky due to all the win-farts. It doesn’t help that Volatile Infusers explode when killed and fling nearby players (sometimes to their death).

The whole raid is also susceptible to a lot of Natura damage (this is cast randomly on players). If someone gets the debuff and is targeted by an ability, the boss or the ads can one-shot him.

The boss also casts Raging Tempest which is a large AOE attack that is deadly if you stand in it too soon. It will grow in size and power as the raid progresses. 100% wipe if the boss isn’t down before it gets too big.


THE GRIMTOTEMS SHALL RISE AGAIN – in the Vault of the Incarnates raid, as a boss no less. One of the disciples of the dreaded Grimtotem clan is here to challenge the raid. Like good old shammies, he’s got all 4 elements to call upon before being infused with them (and defeated, hopefully).

This is a 3 stage fight and it is quite interesting, gameplay-wise. Kurog gains the favor of the elemental alter that is nearest to him (so Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning). He casts spells and abilities that originate from that altar.

Once you bring him down to 66$, he summons 2 elementals from the same school he was pummeling you with. He’s immune to damage during this phase.

The elemental combination is as follows:

  • Frozen Destroyer
  • Blazing Fiend
  • Thundering Tempest
  • Tectonic Crusher

This phase is repeated twice until you kill all 4 elementals (that’s 2 x 2) and then you face Kurog in his final form.

The main tactic used by this boss is to always have him near an Altar in P1. If he’s not near, he’s going to use Elemental Surge to damage the entire raid. This is a huge ticking damage from all elemental sources.

Your tanks should lure him from one Altar to the next, once a % of his health has been chopped off. This is to mitigate the damage the raid receives from a certain element. If he stands too long on the Fire Altar, the buff to his fire spells will eventually kill players.

In the last phase, he will use ALL the abilities from Phase 1 + the added damage from the killed elementals.


This charming Boss is actually a nursemaid in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. As Broodkeeper, it is her job to ensure all those pesky raiders get eaten by her hungry progeny.

Since we are approaching the summit of the Vault of the Incarnates raid you can expect one hell of an encounter. As the name suggests, Diurna can call upon many of her offspring to deal with the raid. So, anticipate loads of ads.

The fight is divided into 2 stages – the first is tanking the boss and killing all the eggs within the arena.

The second part is surviving enough to kill the enraged boss. Btw, that wasn’t a pun – she has a soft enrage timer.

Now, about the ads. These spawn during P1 and are a handful, to say the least:

  • Tarsek Earthreaver (ranged, can stun with Tremors)
  • Tarsek Legionnaire (melee, can cast Vicious Trust)
  • Primalist Mage (magic wielder, can be interrupted when casting Ice Barrage)
  • Juvenile Frost Proto-dragon (big ad, casts Chilling Tantrum – an AoE damage + slowing movement speed)
  • Drakonid Stormbringer (another big ad, that uses Ionizing Charge – two players are affected and need to be as close as possible from each other but away from everyone else)
  • Dragonspawn Flamebender (casts Flame Sentry which acts as a giant flaming disco laser, avoid at all costs)

A general tactic is to split into two groups. The first kites the boss while the second is focused on taking down the eggs and the adds that spawn. It can feel overwhelming at times, but some of the adds have less HP and can be AOE nuked.

You can also use the Greatstaff to destroy eggs more quicker. Focus on eggs that have Rapid Incubation – if they aren’t destroyed, more Nascent dragons will spawn.

In P2, an enraged Diurna has her abilities with 15% more strength. Her Frozen Shroud now can entomb players, making them impossible to heal.

Raszageth, The Storm-Eater

At the very end of Vault of the Incarnates, stands Raszageth. The ancient proto-dragon has an eons-long bone to pick with the dragon Aspects. She feels cheated by both the Titans and their pets and wants to get revenge by freeing her fellows from the Titan’s prison.

As is tradition, this will be the toughest fight yet. It has 3 phases during which Raszageth will fly around attacking the prisons of her compatriots. Should the integrity of the prison be brought to 0, the raid will wipe.

To destroy the prisons, the boss will attack directly but also summon ads that need to be killed quickly.

During P1, these are the ads that she spawns:

  • Gathsworn Vanguard (another mob that relies on speed, and uses Windforce Strike)
  • Surging Ruiner (burst dmgers, will apply a buff that increases their haste)
  • Stormseeker Acolyte (a caster that has two abilities. Storm Flurry which can be interrupted, increases haste, and Ascencion is cast at 50% making him immune to interrupts, so should be killed quicker)

In P2, the boss becomes immune and lets ads like Colossal Stormfiend to bring the prisons down. These have Crackling Energy AOE that does nature damage. Need to be killed off fast.

The last phase, Raszageth has all abilities (except the immunity) from P1 and P2 and needs to be burst down before she casts Raging Storm.

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