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What is

What is How does it work?

Raiderio is an addOn that tracks your WoW Mythic plus performance and reports it on its website, it gives a score to your character depending on the dungeons you have completed, your speed, and Mythic plus key level. Raiderio also shows your raid progress on different difficulties. Once you have an account on Raiderio, you can list all your characters under your main character and they will also appear in-game.

raiderio in game
This is how looks in-game

You can download Raiderio either from their official website here or if you are using CurseForge, you can search for Raiderio and download it there.

How to see my own score on

To see your own score, you can;

  • Go to on your browser and search for your character using the search box. The format should be “YourCharacterName-YourRealm”. Your character will be shown on the dropdown under the search box and you can basically just click on it.
  • Hover your mouse over your character in-game to see the box.

When you search for your character on the Raiderio website, you will get a page like this one:

raiderio character page
This is how the character page looks

On this page, you can see your best Tyrannical/Fortified runs, points you’ve got from those runs, and weekly affixes of the runs. You can click on a specific dungeon to expand it to see more information such as item levels of the people in that particular dungeon team, gear, legendaries, and talents.

Some players do WoW Mythic plus dungeons on multiple characters and they would like to show their progress on their main character and alt characters on their profile. It helps especially when you are looking for a group on your alt character using the in-game LFG tool. If you would like to link your main character and alt characters on, all you need to do is to create an account on the website and link your account to your account. You will be able to choose your main character after that and all your alts will have a link to your main character when they are checked by other people.

how to link main character on raiderio
How alt and the main character look on the website

How to improve score? score can be improved by playing and completing higher-level dungeons with better time results. For example, if you have Plaguefall +15 completed with 4 minutes remaining on Tyrannical affix, you will get more points next time if you complete the same dungeon in either Fortified affix or more time remaining. However, there are some times when you feel like you are stuck and you cannot make any progress with your score especially when you are playing with LFG groups it can be stressful as someone will leave or get very toxic on the first wipe. You may lose time, your precious key, and/or your sanity in the process. This is why BlazingBoost offers hassle-free WoW Mythic plus runs for a very reasonable price. We have services for any level of key and for any key of your choice. You can check them out on the BlazingBoost website.

We usually offer very good deals, discounts and bundles as well so make sure to check our “Discounts” page for PvE Great Vault bundles.

Are score boosts legit?

Just like every other item or service you buy in your daily life, you should be very careful when you are picking the website to buy your WoW boost services. You can check WoW Mythic plus boost reviews written by 24,000+ happy customers on BlazingBoost TrustPilot page 🙂 also tracks your raid progression and numbers of your boss kills in the current raid and shows it next to your characters in-game. You can read about WoW raid boosts here if you’d like to learn how raid boosts work.

You can read more about WoW boosts here.

How to auto-update

Is there a way to auto-update

Short answer: Yes 🙂

Long answer:

If you are using through CurseForge, you need to update it through the CurseForge app. If you’d like to auto-update your, you can download the client and refresh the addOn.

raiderio desktop client
Auto-update using the desktop client

How to add Raiderio to a Discord server? has a very nice bot you can add to your Discord server to send automatic alerts about Mythic plus news, Mythic plus dungeons completed by your guildies, weekly affixes, and other cool stuff! 🙂 You can check the Discord bot on the official website.

raiderio discord bot
This is how Discord Bot looks on your server

How do you calculate the Raiderio key values? has a base value for every keystone. The base value is calculated from when the timer is 00:00 exactly and you will get more points depending on how faster you have completed a key. If you fail a key and go over time, the points will decrease gradually.

When a key you have done is your “Best Run” for that specific dungeon, you will get 150% of the base score. If it is the “Best Run” for the opposite affix (Tyrannical/Fortified), you will get 50% of the base score for that dungeon.

Keystone LevelBase Score
+240 points
+345 points
+455 points
+560 points
+665 points
+775 points
+880 points
+985 points
+10100 points
+11105 points
+12110 points
+13115 points
+14120 points
+15125 points
+16130 points
+17135 points
+18140 points
+19145 points
+20150 points
+21155 points
+22160 points
+23165 points
+24170 points
+25175 points
+26180 points
+27185 points
+28190 points
+29195 points
+30200 points

Is WoW Mythic plus dungeon score different than Raiderio score?

Before Shadowlands 9.1, addOn was the only way to measure someone’s Mythic plus dungeon prowess. A player’s WoW Mythic plus dungeon performance was solely on the website and only shown to people with the addOn in-game. With the 9.1 patch, Blizzard has added an in-game Mythic plus rating system and has adapted its points into the built-in rating system. However, the colors that represent certain levels of keys are different for in-game rating and the addOn.

What do Raiderio colors mean and how is it different from the in-game Mythic plus rating system? rating colors stand for uncommon (white), common (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (orange). The in-game rating system has certain thresholds for the colors, once you reach that threshold your rating color will change;, however, changes the color of your rating depending on your standing among other players. So there is a chance that your score will be shown in purple even though you achieve a 3000 Mythic plus rating rather than orange. This could happen if there are players who are, let’s say, at 4000+ points during that season and 3000 points are not really hard to achieve.

How to see the best DPS classes on Raiderio?

If you would like to see the best DPS classes on, you can simply go to the official website, hover your mouse over “Mythic+” and then “Class/Role Leaderboards”. You can pick a specific class on this menu to see players with a high rating and you can also see the builds they are using for specific dungeons/affixes by expanding the dungeon history.

How to see Raiderio healer, DPS, and tank rankings?

To see the healer, DPS, and tank rankings on; you can hover your mouse over “Mythic+” > “Class/Role Leaderboards” and “All Classes&Roles”. Here you can pick the role you would like to see. Using this filter method, you can see the high-performing tank, DPS, and healer classes on the official website.

raiderio role leaderboards
You can see the role leaderboards by using this menu

How to search for guilds on Raiderio?

If you are looking for actively raiding guilds or a WoW Mythic plus dungeon team, you can use the “Advanced Search” tool on the official website.

You can filter the search results by your class, your available days, your role, your language, and even more.

raiderio guild finder
You can search for guilds on the website

If you want to find a WoW Mythic plus team fitting for your role and needs, you can also use the advanced search tool on the website.

raiderio mythic plus team finder
This is how Mythic plus team finder looks like

How to get the Raiderio pull counter and other streamer tools?

Are you a streamer who wants to display more information about their character, WoW raid progression, boss progress on a specific boss, or a pull counter on the stream? Then Stream Widgets are what you are looking for! You can display real-time raid data on your Livestream by using the Stream Widgets. You can find these on the official website.

What are some common Raiderio problems?

Why can’t find my character?

This issue could be caused by a bug, which can be solved by deleting the character from your profile and then re-syncing your to your account. Apart from that, has some criteria to show characters on the website or the addOn. To your character to appear on the website;

  • You should have earned at least 200 Mythic plus points in the current season or a previous season or you should have completed 3/9 on any raid difficulty above LFR.
  • You should have logged into the game within the past 30 days.

If your character is not matching these criteria, it may not appear on the website or the addOn.

What happens to your Raiderio score if you realm transfer a character?

Transferring your character into a different realm is totally fine and your score will be safe. has a system that detects realm transfers most of the time. If you still want to be certain that everything works, you can follow these steps:

  • First, create an account on Raiderio
  • Go to Raiderio settings and sync your account with your Raiderio account
  • Proceed with your realm transfer
  • Log into your character once and then close the game
  • Make sure your character appears on the Blizzard Armory. It may take some time so be patient 🙂
  • After your character appears on the Armory, go to settings and re-sync your account
  • The character should now be in the “Characters” list. Go into its page and click on “Update Now”

Why does show “invalid wow folder”? may show the error “invalid wow folder” if your addOn is not in World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns. Make sure it is in the correct folder and try to update the addOn using CurseForge or the Desktop Client.

What is the minimum Raiderio score? has some criteria to show characters on the website. If you want your characters to be shown on, you should first meet the activity requirements and have your character and account data set to public.

For your dungeon runs and role, you need to have a score of 200 and you should have at least 30% of the current raid completed on any difficulty except LFR. Currently, you should have cleared at least 4/11 in the Sepulcher of the First Ones for your character to be on the website.

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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