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Will Blazing Boost get you banned? I want to address the elephant in the room in today’s article.

The short answer is: it is very very difficult, and often impossible, to get banned for using BlazingBoost. How can we claim that? Well, the vast majority of our services do not entail account sharing and we sell Play with pro / Coaching services the most. These type of services are extremely safe and we promote them confidently. 

However, every game Blazing Boost sells services into has a different Terms of Service (ToS).

Therefore, it all comes down to the specific game. In certain games it is possible to complete a specific service with absolutely zero risks; some others may have a small risk of getting banned. It seriously depends on what you are buying, and in which game. This is why we consider it our main duty to be TRANSPARENT and direct with you.

Unfortunately, not all market players apply the same policy. Purchasing a risky service from a competitor that does not inform you of the risks and that does not take the necessary precautions could taint your account; this means that any transparent information Blazingboost may give you, or any safe practice used to keep your account secure, may be nullified. 

That’s why you should choose the right provider for your service – usually, the best element that shall help you make a choice is the company’s transparency on this very topic 

transparency matters AND THAT’S HOW WE GAIN YOUR TRUST

Our most sincere and direct policy on this topic is very straightforward: if we know of a risk, we inform you and we suggest you the safest version of the service you’re after. Transparency is key. We want all of our customers to make a choice and decide what service to opt for. In fact, if we are aware of a risk, it is carefully explained on our website AND we doublecheck with you on Discord, before we start, if you are completely aware of it. We are extremely proud of this business practice and we will never sacrifice your safety for extra profit. 


In general, in most games, account sharing is relatively frowned upon. This means that giving someone your account to receive a powerleveling / boosting service shall be done carefully, if really needed (maybe you are an extremely busy gamer with a family and responsibilities).

For this reason:

– for any game in which we provide services, Account Sharing (or ‘Piloted’) services always have numerous warnings about a potential ban risk if the risk is real 

– we always suggest the best ways to stay undercover and not receive a suspension / ban from the game provider, if they exist, without promising the moon or bulletproof safety

– we always encourage Selfplay / Coaching services when available, which means that we encourage services WITHOUT account sharing to promote positive and enjoyable learning experiences with our pros. 


We stay away from services that are absolutely unsafe. As an example, we do not sell WoW Gold or any sort of in-game currencies.

On the other hand, services like Leveling Boosts or alike are available on our website for a couple of reasons:

– they help a lot of players in avoiding tedious grinds and enjoy end game. In fact, we noticed a pattern. More than half customers who buy a Leveling service purchase a Selfplay one too at max level. 

– if a customer really wants a Piloted service, they may buy it somewhere else anyways. We prefer to offer it transparently while informing the customer of the risk.  


This question can be answered in two ways:

  1. a) privacy, legal consumer protection, refund policy
  2. b) suspension / ban risks for your account for SOME services


In terms of privacy, Blazing Boost is totally safe. We hand-pick the boosters we work with and test them regularly for speed and reliability. We have a lot of internal quality teams that ensure our customers receive the best service the industry can offer. All of your consumer rights are also thoroughly respected, alongside a clear and easy Refunds Policy that always helps you get your money back if you change your mind before we start, or if something went wrong with your service. 

When it comes to suspensions to your accounts, it depends on the service type you purchase, and when you purchase them. Two examples from the World of Warcraft market can be of help:

  1. WoW Leveling services at the start of an expansion can attract more attention and a 30 days suspension risk, if the game company (Activision Blizzard) decides to target them. 
  2. The WoW Mage Tower challenge came back in WoW Shadowlands (2021) and account sharing services for that activity were specifically targeted.

In fact, around 15-20% of customers were caught. The risk is not absurdly high but it cannot be ignored either. 

For other games such as Destiny 2 and Apex Legends, we are yet to experience a specific ban wave related to account sharing. In fact, in many games, what matters the most is not cheating, hacking, or abusing game mechanics. Read our article here to understand the difference between Boosting services and Cheating activities in the online games world – Blazingboost has NO connection with cheating services and this ensures our services are extremely safe. 


What are the protection methods Blazing Boost Uses?

The most known and reliable protection method Blazing Boost uses is a premium VPN. Our boosters pick your city/country and log into your account, ensuring that the game activity occurs as close as possible to your location. This ensures your service is as safe as possible, always. 


In general, any ban report is taken EXTREMELY seriously by our team. Communication is key: we don’t wash our hands off the matter and we start chatting with you to understand what went wrong and how we can help you get back into the game.

Practically, we follow a roadmap that ensures you are supported and given as much assistance as we can. In general, these are the steps we follow:

  • If you receive a suspension, we ask you to show us the email from the game company and any other details that can come to your mind 
  • We establish a line of communication between you and our specialised Bans Support team
  • We analyse carefully the ban reason, the duration, and what you have bought
    • If the ban reason doesn’t fit the duration, that may shows that the ban is either false or the account is involved in a bigger offense.
      Example: 6 months ban for in-game insults towards another player. If you bought a Selfplay / Coaching service with us, we certainly couldn’t have caused the suspension; AND a 6 months suspension for chat activity seems very excessive – you may be on your 10th strike. 
  • We assist with contacting the game company’s customer support, to see if there is a solution
  • We agree on a compensation according to your needs and if you were properly warned before we started the service
  • We offer discounts, gifts and bonuses to the customer to help them catch up with the current content when their suspension is lifted

check our trustpilot to read more about ban risks

If our services were constantly causing suspensions or bans, you may read many negative reviews on the matter.

Check our Trustpilot and filter the negative reviews: you will barely find anything on this topic. This helps us back our claim about the safety of our services, of course.


If you feel otherwise about Blazing Boost, make sure to contact us and we will investigate your case to see and fix what went wrong. We are always on your side. 

You can check out more articles about how Blazing Boost services work here 🙂

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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