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The new Apex S16 is super fun and the gun meta tier list has shifted, once again. The Nemesis AR is a broken but fun mess of a gun. The Legends meta is more varied and exciting than ever. The brand-new TDM is just so chaotic yet immersive, you simply cannot stop playing it.

Of course, the stars of the show are the updated guns. We’ve updated our list with all the new improvements and nerfs. But let’s not forget – the gun’s overall popularity, ease of use, and its use by the common player vs. the pro. All of these aspects factor into the final Tier list. Some guns may seem controversial sitting in a lower/higher tier. Still, it is our list and we want to keep things light here, so chin up!


Let’s preface, again, that these are the best weapons to use in the game, regardless of Pubs/Ranked and player experience. You can shred with these even if your aim’s pretty potato. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to hit the new and improved Firing Range and get a load of these S-tier weapons:

  • EVA-8 Auto – with the new gold pump, this is almost S5 Eva. It just shreds up close and if you know even a bit of tracking, you will be killing people left and right. It is insane how good shotguns are in Apex in s16 and they are a must for close quarters and on our tier list.
  • R-99 – our favorite SMG is back, baby. It hasn’t been this fun to use since the aceu era in early S3. Wow, quite a nostalgia trip, eh? The increased damage and improved accuracy make the bursty R-99 a very serious contender for the best mid-range gun in the game. Up close it is just insanely good. With a bit of training and recoil control, you can mow down people easily. Oh and the sound is oh so satisfying
This thing hurts.
  • Nemesis AR – we had to bold this one since it’s not really obvious… what? You haven’t been farmed up till now with the Nemesis? That “brrt,brrt,brrt” sound isn’t engraved in your memory already? Well, that’s a relief then. This gun is busted. We’re talking Seer upon release busted. It can kill a red-wearing enemy in 4 bursts. FOUR, BURSTS > RED ARMOR. Yeah. Close to 0 recoils. No bullet drop. Enjoy it while it lasts folks.
  • VK-74 Flatline – the good old Flatline is still kicking. It is a solid choice and piece that won’t let you down in any fight, except maybe the Nemesis. It’s crazy consistent and will see your enemies loaded with bullets from near or far.
  • R-301 – even with the slight nerf to its damage and the rather unexpected (but not really) nerf to its hip fire accuracy. the 301 is still kicking. If we exclude the Nemesis, it is by far the most used gun in Apex for a good reason. It’s very easy to use, has excellent consistency firing from a distance and most skins allow for “god-mode” aiming. What more can you ask for?


This tier is reserved for the “almost but no cigar” weapons. Some got nerfed or “passed” in favor of the newer, shinier versions of guns in the same category. Overall, you will find some interesting picks, all the same.

  • C.A.R. SMG – the CAR is still good, let’s be real. The issue is that if you can pick a CAR or an R99, you should most definitely use the new R99. However, if you main on a controller and are comfortable playing the CAR – go for it. It still beams and it is versatile enough even for the end game.
  • Kraber – you KNOW why this is A tier instead of the usual S. It is because the filthy casuals (the 99% of us) rarely get to use it and be good with it. The 1% can do all those crazy trick shots and whatnot but we don’t cater to elites here… mostly 🙂
No longer the one-shot killer from back in the day, but still oh so useful.
  • G7 Scout – since its ground loot again, the upgraded Scout from last season is very good indeed. Excellent damage and consistency for long and medium range. Conserves ammo and has a very nice hip fire if you can manage it up close.
  • Peacemaker – very close to the EVA and only beaten because you need to be more precise with it. Now, more than ever, the dreaded 99dmg pump is super real. You can be either on the dealing or receiving end up close.
  • Charge Riffle – in a game where sniper rifles are prevalent in pro play, filthy casuals, and ALGS pros prefer the one gun that makes them consistent. Yes, it is annoying getting sniped from across the map. Yes, it takes ages to reload. And yes, it is just plain unfair against fatass Legends. But, you cannot deny the power of the Charge Riffle.
  • RE-45 – the care package version of the automatic pistol kicks so much butt, it is unreal. The only downside is you ought to give it to someone who’s playing on a controller. MNK players can shred with it too but not as consistently. Also, its limited ammo capacity makes it ideal for late-game only.
  • Hemlock Burst AR – the newly care-packaged Hemlock is finally good. Only, it is rare and it has to compete with the Nemesis AR (the gun it SHOULD have been). With that being said, we’re a huge fan of the OG OP Hemlock and this is as close as it gets.


Ah, the halfway through the list tier. Guns are a mixed bag but way better than anything in the C/D tier. Yes, there are better alternatives. Yes, you can keep the ammo and switch later. But, if you get better kits and hop-ups, these guns can be a pretty good loadout on their own:

  • Prowler – the gun with the glaring flaw of currently being compared to the Nemesis, although they are completely different. A good Prowler-enjoyer can arguably burst someone in 4 hits, but it’s much more difficult now. Still, it’s not a gun to sleep on (unless you can get a Flatline)
“Back in my day, the Prowler was a gun to be feared!”
  • Volt – poor old Volt. Outlcassed first by the CAR and now the R99. It can’t catch a break. It’s still a damn good gun, only if you go energy, you should just go for the Nemesis.
  • Longbow DMR – consistency is nice and the Longbow brings it in spades. Great for early game sniping and scaring the crap out of teams that are out of position. Not ideal for the mid-late game though.
  • Alternator – the best early alternative to the R99/R301. You get it and then look for that replacement. Needs more oomph.
  • Mastiff – if you suck at tracking with the EVA or landing those concentrated shots with the PK, then the Mastiff is for you.
  • Havoc – the same as with the Volt, only if you have a Turbocharger, it is actually pretty decent.
  • M600 Spitfire – an early game it is very, very good. However, as time goes by you’re sure to switch to an R99/R301 for more consistency.


Now we’re getting into the swampy lands below the C-tier gun list in Apex S16. Before you jump and call us hacks, please let us elaborate:

  • Wingman – right off the bat, the Wingman is great. It has some of the best body dmg ratios to any gun in Apex, conserves ammo, and is just awesome to use. But, let’s not fool ourselves. It’s an RNG gun and you know it. Yes, some people make it seem like it’s the easiest gun to use. But those are the 0.1%. For most of us, the Wingman is like a mythical creature – yeah you may see it once or twice, but most of the time, it’s just not happening.
The coin gun of Apex… and we all love it.
  • Triple Take – you know what we already said about the Volt and Havoc? Well, take the consistent damage and potential with Turbocharger and you’re left with the Triple Take. It needs a buff and it needs it badly. Avoid and swap quickly for the Nemesis.
  • Bocek – is strong. Very strong. However, it strays so far from any other gun in Apex, it makes the switch so uncomfortable. Yes, players like Mande make it look easy. It is anything, BUT.
  • Sentinel – even with the recent buff, the Sentinel is a hard sell to most gamers below Predator. Its skill requirement is very high and you are better off with the Wingman.
  • L-Star – poor L-Star. It had its light in the Sun couple of seasons ago and never again. Locked in a basement with scary things like horrible recoil, overheating, and moronic sights, it’s just… blergh.
  • Rampage – better known as the “dude, where are my shots going” gun, the Rampage is just idiotically inconsistent. You can land all your shots in quick succession and then the rest of the clip goes to the Moon or something.
  • Devotion – horrible for early game, horrible for mid/late game. Yes, the Turbocharger makes a difference but count the last time you found both or in a decent amount of time before getting killed by a 3rd party wielding a Nemesis?


There’s a constant debate and rumors abound for the Mozam and P2020 to become part of a “starting kit.” These 2 weapons are just bad, period. Low damage, horrible control, and even their hammerpoints don’t improve things as much when faced with a better gun meta. It is all you can do in S16 Apex to give the due a better place on the gun tier list.


So, that’s about it. Where do you stand on the gun tier list debate in S16 Apex? Do you agree with our picks? How busted do you think the Nemesis is? Do you need someone to help you figure out the gun meta and practice? We have just the solution – visit the Apex Legends dedicated page where you can learn from some of the best pros in the game!


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