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Apex Legends and Twitch rivals are a great event where content creators and professional players duke it out in new modes, like the new TDM. This year, the first Twitch Rivals saw the emergence of the brand new Team Death Match. If this event alone is anything to go by, this mode does have a bright future in Apex.

Sure, the teams alone would make anyone want to watch: ImperialHal, Ace, and Gild? How about NRG Sweet, Verhulst and Kine? Of course, since the mode needs 6 vs. 6, having to IGL 5 players made the game that much more fun.

As per Twitch Rivals rules, two ALGS pros could only play together with a content creator. This has caused some controversy in the past, since aceu is definitely NOT just a content creator, for instance. Still, many fans laud the chance for their favorite players to team up and have some intense matches. Boy oh boy, did they deliver or what:


Without giving too much away, we can confirm that the event was pretty even in terms of matching forces. On paper, Hal’s team should’ve been the strongest, but you could never discount the power of Sweet and Verhulst.

In the end, though, there was one winner. We won’t spoil it here but if you want to watch the 1h + video, it is well worth it.

Respawn should most definitely take note of how fun the mode actually is. Unlike Arenas which were quite limited in scope, the TDM can only grow and encompass more elements. The game is so much more tactical and requires even more coordination. The meta shifts so drastically since you can swap characters mid-fight. It is honestly the most refreshing take in Apex for a while.

What do YOU think of the apex twitch rivals tdm event? Did you like it? Should Respawn think of adding something similar to ALGS in the future?

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