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Apex Legends has hit an all-time high that’s never been seen in, well ever, with the new s16 updates. Sitting at No.3 overall on Twitch and with over 600k concurrent players, Apex has beaten its own previous record for most players online at the same time. Generally speaking, it is an excellent time to be an EA/Respawn exec and a player of the (arguably) best BR out there.

Things are only going better for players, with Respawn actively taking note of player feedback. This is, refreshing, to say the least. We’ve seen Respawn being slowpokes when it comes to some horrible happenings in the past (like server DDOS, cheating, and *cough* audio *cough*). This is indeed a very nice change of pace.

What sprung this feedback from the developers is the new TDM. Players weren’t happy with the 3 rounds / leave whenever you like for free. So, Respawn is making some quality of life changes:

  • Rounds are increased from 3 to 5
  • The team kills target is increased from 30 to 50
  • There will be a leavers penalty applied since many people seems to just drop their team and leave when they appear to be losing

Respawn has also responded to growing concerns about the brand new Nemesis AR. If you have been playing S16, you have probably died to it. It is just so overpowered. You can clip a target with red armor in 4 bursts. Yes. FOUR, BURSTS. By making the Nemsis a rival to the R301 and Flatline, Respawn created a monster. It is so horribly overturned, players are being sniped left and right with no chance to react.


But fret not. Respawn has it in its sights and has already issued a statement that “balance” changes are coming. We haven’t seen a gun this busted since the Bocek so a nerf is sure to hit it pretty hard. Still, have you seen how fun it is to melt people with it? Enjoy it while it lasts folks 🙂


Have you been playing the new Apex Legends S16 with the new updates? How do you find the changes to the meta?

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