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How to Play Wraith in Apex Legends

We are back with yet another how-to-play guide and this time, it is about the queen Wraith herself. Arguably the most recognizable Legend of all and the poster child for every sweaty player whose ever graced Pubs in Apex Legends. Wraith is a Season 0 Legend, meaning she was part of the original roster.

Back then, Wraith ran like Naruto, had instantenous Q and was nigh unkillable if you played her right. That legacy, sadly, has been tarnished as of late. Octane has taken over as the most picked legend, though Wraith still sits comfortably in second place.

There were many nerfs that targeted her Q (now takes a second to activate), her Portal’s distance-length, her hit-box and her run (no more flailing arms :(). Still, she’s still considered one of the best legends for Pubs, even if her Pro-status has been in flux since S8.

BAsics with the Queen of TTVs

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends for some time now, you know the meme already. The TTV Wraith. Usually her banner is super customized with the 20 kill badge / 4k damage. However, in-game, she lands either solo or hot-drops, and gets killed in the first 15 seconds. While you rush to retrieve her banner, she’s already out of the match.

The meme is sadly more than a comedic thing. Popularized by famous streamers and Apex players like Faide and aceu, where flashy Wraith movement and skill are showcased, many Wraith mains think they can emulate it. Sadly, the reality is that both aceu and Faide are in the 1%. More often than not you will get the same situation from above repeated over and over again.

Woah, you don’t want this look on someone you met in a dark corridor.

What then, is Wraith’s allure? Well, we already mentioned her movement and her looks. Apart from Octane and maybe Horizon (thanks to her passive to easily slide off when landing), Wraith is the movement God (of Apex). She’s super agile and her fluidity translates to overall easier and flashier gameplay.

Howeve the reason why most people choose to play Wraith falls down to 3 things:

  1. Her small hitbox (the smallest in the game),
  2. Her Q (which gets you out of most hairy situations),
  3. Her Portal (useful for all manner of shenanigans).

Advanced tactics with Wraith – positioning

As an offensive legend, Wraith is second to none. Her ultimate role on the BR map is to move ahead of her team, alert them for any potential danger, snipe someone and then let her team know to mop everyone up.

Thanks to her Q, Wraith can cover great dinstances. She moves 30% faster during the translation, and combined with her Ultimate (her Transdimensional Portal), she can move her team easily in and out of trouble.

Faster movement – Check. Immunity to damage – Check. Doing some crazy movement trick to get away from your pursuers – Checkity Check!

Her passive is, unreliable, to say the least. Ever since S0, Wraith mains have been hearing warnings about “shooter, move” when you’ve already been shredded. Or, “danger, move” when a sniper has already killed 2 of your squad mates. Still, there are some instances where a rat has been hiding and you get a warning so you notice him. So, not ENTIRELY unusable.

The real star of Wraith’s show is her combination of Q + Ultimate:

  • You can bypass gate-keeping teams,
  • You can rotate around the map fast,
  • You can use your portal to gate-keep teams from entering a defended area.

The utility of Wraiths in Apex is pretty much limited only by your imagination and decision making skills. Most of the time, if you are decisive and want to make a play, you can end up with some crazy results.

Advanced tactics with Wraith – AMBUSH

No one ganks as hard as a Wraith they say and it is true. Wraith is the most aggressive legend thanks to her Q and Portal combination.

You can easily position yourself and your team for a 3rd party. The High-ground is easily contested with a well placed portal. The harassment you can make from teams that are entrenched thanks to your Q is unparalleled.

The main takeaway from an ambush standpoint is to NEVER EVER stand around with Wraith. You must be moving, poking, scheming, snipping, harassing squads trying to get into position. It is imperative that you know what is going on at all times in your surroundings. That is why a Wraith is forever “away” from her squad, trying to make a quick play and capitalize on her enemies’ mistakes.

“Welcome to the ultimate Kidnap-service in Apex Legends, courtesy of Wraith.”

Perhaps the most advanced tactic is the Ambush. Being able to kidnap a player and bring him back with your portal so your team can quickly take him out. Teams are often tempted to take a Wraith’s portal and see where it goes. Use this to your advantage. Tempt them into an abyss or a Rampart Ultimate 🙂

Ranked vs. Pubs Wraith gameplay

The difference on how you play Wraith in Ranked and Pubs is pretty much night and day. For one, the true sweats are in Pubs instead of Ranked. You know what we talk about – the players who will jump around the rope in Streamer Building, trying to copy aceu. However, if you want to utilize Wraith to her true potential, read on.

In Pubs, the key is to stay near your team and COMMUNICATE. Yes, this is going to be very difficult in groups where everyone just wants to rush, but you can help them out. Scout ahead and either snipe someone or alert for enemy disposition. This already increases chances of not dying to the first 3rd party.

It is imperative to be adequately equipped. Use your Q and Portal (once up) to snatch loot from enemy boxes or from a Care Package. Usually it is best to have an SMG + Shotgun (preferably a Peacekeeper) since you will be moving near teams when scouting.

Ranked is a different beast. Here, communication is by default ESSENTIAL. You must translate everything you see to your team. They need to know what is ahead, where to move and when to take your portal. You will be having the same loadout though you need to prepared to shoot first. The ideal scenario is to always rush after you have made a kill, so as the team cannot ress their teammate.

A Wraith in ranked is a guaranteed win in the last circle so staying alive is imperative. Try to utilize your Q and Portal to position and rotate in zone early, and get a good entrenchment / high-ground to play the waiting game. If there’s no other Wraith, leaving your team to dish out some damage before dying so you can win by yourself is acceptable.

We thank you for sticking with our guide till the very end. We have to summarize that this is only scratching Wraith’s potential – there are so many different nuances when playing her in order to become a movement God.

With that being said, there are several options to become better. You need to master the advanced movement techniques – your super slides, wall-jumps, tap-strafing… Aiming and gun-skill also go hand in hand. If you desire, at Blazing we can connect you with high-skill Pros that can analyze your gameplay. Give you critique for improvement and even play with you and offer tips on the fly. Check all the options here: and we will see you in the next Apex Legends Guide.


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