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 Apex Legends Season 15 hype is rising 

New teasers 

As the 15th season of Apex is closing in, the respawn dropped a few new teasers and trailers to give us a slightly better insight into what we shall expect from the upcoming season. 

The abovementioned teasers include concept arts that showcase the new map, a new cinematic trailer for season 15, and a few videos of the new map being tested in the pre-alpha state. 

The concept art that the respawn tweeted was mainly about Octane’s father Eduardo Silva working on the sketches of the new map while texting both Octane and Seer at the same time. 

We finally got confirmation on the new moon-themed map that has been speculated for a long time, but now we’re certain that the map is located on one of the moons of Seer’s home planet Boreas and is almost as big as the world’s edge. 

We got a few updates about the previously discussed railway system as well. Seemingly there will not be any train coming back to Apex anytime soon, since the railway system that was previously datamined turned out to be working similarly to a zipline mechanic. Being placed much higher and almost all around the map, we’re unsure whether this new railway/zipline system will have designated stops from one location to another or whether you will be able to jump off freely whenever you like. 

As the upcoming season is right around the corner, respawn will be dropping more updates soon that will shed the light on what the Eclipse has to offer.

Datamined information about Apex Legends Season 15 

As the newest patch got datamined, the game files revealed that the Nemesis burst rifle is also on its way. However, it’s still not officially confirmed, plus the model/damage details looked way more polished than back in Season 14 when the gun was scrapped on the season release day. Though not 100% certain, it’s most likely that we’ll finally see the gun as season 15 hits the ground. 

We also have an update on the new Heirloom of Seer, since the map will be designated to his theme, respawn decided that it was high time to give seer the heirloom and 3 new skins. 

3 new skins were also found on loba as well. 

We’re unsure whether there will be any significant changes applied to the seer, but the last time we saw legend getting Heirloom the changes were made.  As fans were complaining Valkyrie about her kit being too overpowered with too high mobility and scans, they tuned her down quite noticeably, reducing the speed and overall time of her ultimate. 

We also got news about the upcoming battle pass featuring Seer’s epic skin and some cool-looking gun skins for the alternator and R301 carbine as well, but the early showcasing of the battle pass sparked some controversy among the fans. Some of them liked the changes, but others regarded the battle pass as a downgrade compared to the previously introduced ones. 

We’re still waiting for the newer patch notes to drop to have more detailed and updated information about the long-awaited Season 15. 

What might change with the Apex Legends season 15 

It’s been a while since the scan meta has been having its way with most of the lobbies and fans started to speculate that we might see some nerfs incoming to the seer’s tactical ability, therefore it’s less likely to happen since the new heirloom was teased for him to be released with season 15, but we had the same case with Valkyrie previously when she received the heirloom but got nerfed so we’re still unsure what will happen to Seer in the nearest future. 

There have been a lot of discussions about Crypto and Revenant as well since they haven’t seen much of the changes to their kits from the day of their release and none of them feel substantially important to the game right now. Both Crypto and Revenant can be used to tackle a certain kind of meta, but honestly, it wouldn’t really be noticeable if either of our legends got removed from the game since it wouldn’t really have that much effect on the lobbies. 

Therefore, fans started to speculate that we might soon see changes to Revenant’s ultimate, making him a more viable pick and turning him into more of a glass cannon, but a useful one for sure. As for now, people tend to camp the totem and his climbing is a little too slow. Even the playstyle of revenant isn’t as appealing as it was intended to be. Playing a shadowy, wraith-like creature, a killing machine. You should feel like an actual predator. And the speculations about Revenant being changed started after the introduction of the new game mode Shadow Royale, where our unkillable mech outperformed almost everyone.

After watching him perform in the new game mode, fans started to think that Revenant should function like that in normal games as well and the idea itself actually makes a lot of sense, since, with an increased speed of climbing and wall-running, he would turn into the absolute monster he is in the lore. 

We might as well see some changes in the gunplay as well, with the new Burst Rifle, it has been revealed that in order to go full auto you have to successfully connect a few spray shots to your target, after that the TTK of the weapon drastically changes and it basically starts beaming enemies and reducing their health to zero in no time. 

There’s a lot to come with Season 15 and we’re excited to see the path Apex will take with the Eclipse update. 

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