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In a very detailed post, Bungie’s devs have shared some of the difficulty changes hitting Destiny 2 just before Lightfall, the new expansion. Seeing how Lightfall is just around the corner, the devs wanted to get these out of the way to ensure the fans’ voices have been heard.

In recent times, players of Destiny 2 had stated over various forums (over Reddit and twitter) that the game was becoming too easy. With such a long time between expansion and barely any new content, players can amass very strong mains and even alts. To compensate for this lack of excitement, Bungie is tweaking and making difficult changes across the board, right before Lightfall. Here’s a short list of what’s going to change. You can read the entire thing here if you wish to familiarize yourself with every single change Bungie’s made.


Bungie is setting the basis for the new expansion with buffed challenges across the board, starting with the difficulty settings. They want to bring everything up to Legendary, with the Master difficulty being as challenging as a day 1 raid. The scaling is done in such a way that it follows the new Soft and Power Cap, by introducing a new challenge curve. This curve is tied to the further “power level disadvantages” which are there to even the odds and make for more engaging content.


If you enjoy playing Destiny 2 for a challenge, you’re in for a bit more than you’ve bargained for. It seems Bungie wants to make you earn your stay by implementing up to -25 Power levels when facing Grandmaster Nightfalls challenges! This is some skill hike, for sure.

The rest of the difficulties get their share of the power level squish, -5 starting from Hero, Legend, Master and we already mentioned Grandmaster.

Let’s not forget to mention that the equipment isn’t changing (it is still being locked to Legend and Master difficulties). You cannot match on Legend, Master, and Grandmaster but you can do so on Hero.

There are also changes being done to how the challenge’s mechanics work, including Burns. These are now split into Surges and Threats. These 2 don’t stack so you have to choose which to utilize.


Every single dungeon is getting more challenging with the extra options that are readily available in Lightfall. For starters, there will be one Overcharged Weapon and Two Surges, without a Threat modifier and the party won’t have increased health/stagger resistance.


Arguably the biggest change that affects Nightmfall grinders is the maximum effectiveness level. This means that even if you hit it, it won’t make any difference (or the number of extra Artefact levels). It becomes just an extra stat and you have to deal with the enemies based on “skill” and knowledge, rather than brute force.

Another good change here is that during a weekly Nightfall challenge, you can collect 200,000 points. This is from multiple runs, rather than the 100,000 tied to a single run.

With Lightfall just days away, what are your thoughts on the difficulty changes made before it’s launch? Do you think making the game more difficult with result with it being relevant longer?

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