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Who’s up for some info on the best strand subclass in Lightfall? With the expansion already preloaded on some PCs and consoles, fingers are itching to try the new powers.

We’ve gathered some intel on what you need to know before venturing forth. Since most of you already have the 3 classes ready, it will be the choice of WHICH of your Guardians gets the first subclass leveled up first. Here’s a hint – all of them are crazy fun. But, let’s get into more detail:

Titan Bezerker

This is yet another melee-based subclass that launches you into your next opponent when activated:
The melee attack is called Frenzied Blades

  • 3 Charged up melee attacks on one mob
  • 3 Charged up melee attacks in quick succession if there are more than 3 mobs in striking distance

Super (Blade Fury):

  • The light attack is the Frenzied Blades attack, only supercharged
  • Once you have 3 consecutive Light Hits, you get an increase in speed and also, charge up the Heavy attack.

Once you hit a target with a heavy attack, it throws a pair of projectiles that act as a seeker missile. Once these missiles hit, they suspend the target in the air. Thanks to suspense, you are free to just maul at the target and kill it faster (it just stands there, unable to move nor react for a few seconds)

Looking at this Super, it seems pretty average, right? You pop it when there’s a group of enemies, and you swing around and kick mobs… doesn’t really support the group in any way, right? Well, here’s how Bungie wants to make it viable – in the selection of the Aspects:

1. Into the Fray: it grants the Titan and his allies a Woven Mail (when a Tangle is destroyed) which reduces damage taken. It also boosts the regeneration of the melee energy when the Titan has Woven Mail on.

This means that as long as your group can generate enough Tangles from slain enemies, a Berzerker Titan can keep up a debuff that grants sustained damage resistance for the entire raid group. This can be VERY handy on higher difficulties.

2. Drengr’s Lash: once cast, the Titan will send a shockwave that caught enemies (suspends them in the air)

Considering how much your group is reliant on the barricades that a Titan is deploying, this new aspect just adds more utility. Being able to suspend fire from incoming enemies and making them bullet sponges, means you can unleash more dps than ever.

Hunter Threadrunner

Stabby stabby stab stab from a distance.

Melee Hit is called Threaded Spike – the Hunter throws a spectral rope-dart that goes through enemies, inflicting damage and collecting melee energy on its way back to the Hunter. Bungie developed a fun mechanic where if you time it right and catch the dart on its way back, you get extra melee energy for your next hit.

Now, the attack itself isn’t just devastating to a group of enemies (since it hits them pretty hard and in quick succession) but also, applies a debuff that reduces their damage.

The Super is called “Silkstrike” – basically, the Grapple is off cooldown and can be used more often WHILST throwing the rope dart around to farm enemies.

The light attack is great for one on one with enemies, building more melee energy. If an enemy dies, they don’t just disappear but explode (further damaging nearby enemies). This attack can have 3 chargers or more, and when used, the heavy attack acts as a sort of 360 arc which just obliterates enemies.

The two aspects of the Threadrunner are:

1. Ensnaring Slam – acts as a slam dunk (when in the air, charge downward, suspending all enemies for a short period).

2. Widow’s Silk – this is a fun one. Since the Grapple replaces the grenade, a Hunter using Widow’s Silk can place Tangle on enemies or spots on the map, and the team can then use their grapple to swing around. This is very handy since if used, it refunds the energy that is needed to place a Grapple (grenade) charge. INFINITE MONKEY SWING GO!

Imagine the possibility of traversal with a juiced-up Hunter, setting up grapple spots around an encounter, basically ensuring enemy bosses or mobs not being able to track you… the potential is only limited by your creativity.

Warlock BroodWeaver

The Broodweaver comes equipped with a melee attack that is called an Arcane Needle. Upon cast, the Needle is like a homing missile that seeks out a target. It does high damage and unraveling and can be spammed if there are several enemies nearby.

Now, this unraveling ability actually makes enemies volatile from the Arcane Needle hit. If they die, they will explode and hit other enemies in their vicinity, which, you guessed it – further increases the chance of them dying and becoming unraveled, and so on and so on…

The Super is called Needlestorm. It is a summoner’s ability, which the Warlock can use to bring in forth Threadlings. These spawn from the initial wave of force that can damage enemies or the environment.

They hunt down enemies and explode upon contact. The damage is very high and AOE is as well.

Speaking about huge damage and AOE, in the Aspects corner, we have:

1. Weaver’s Call – when a Rift is cast, the Warlock basically creates 3 eggs which will hatch into Threadlings if they get into contact with basically anything. If the original threadings kill everything (or you do), they will perch (on the warlock), and turn into eggs until there are more enemies.

2. Mindspun Invocation – improves the Strand Grenades:

  • If you do a Grapple and melee an enemy, 3 Threadling eggs will spawn from the target;
  • Consuming a Threadling Grenade will create 3 perched Threadlings so you can use them whenever;
  • Using a Shackle Grenade will allow you to create a suspending detonation on every kill (basically, you get to stun-lock nearby enemies).

So, after carefully reviewing the new Guardian’s subclass abilities, which one do you think is the best? Which one would you like to play on day one?





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