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Our ongoing “how to play series is now updated with everyone’s favorite Space-Aussy: FUSE! He is one of the very few legends to have an actual, offensive, and damaging Q, and, the ONLY legend to hold 2 handed weapons in his metallic arm. Once you notice it, everything is just… bloody hell, mate.

Let’s get things in order now, shall we:

  • Fuse is an offensive legend, bringing in more than just a bravado attitude and a ravishing mustache thanks to his Knuckle-Cluster
  • He’s the only legend able to stack grenades of any kind (x2) as a Passive
  • His Ultimate is as fiery as his character – The Motherlode fires a bomb that creates a ring of fire that damages and slows enemies who cross it
Guitar or not, Fuse knows how to light a party on fire

Fuse has undergone some minor changes and has received buffs that make him a very desirable legend, both in Pubs and Ranked play.

Competitively, i.e. in the ALGS-level play, he’s often had appearances. He’s played usually by smart and conservative players, though his value is often in offense and gatekeeping a team with his ultimate.

Basics with the “Knuckle-clustah” king

As we mentioned in the beginning, Fuse is an offensive legend. As such, he’s meant to be leading the charge for his team. What this means is:

  • softening up his targets with his Q,
  • showering them with grenades, and,
  • letting his team finish them off.

The biggest thing that most Fuse mains need to realize is that regardless of how great grenade-spam is, firing your weapon is preferable.

We want to emphasize this at the very beginning of our guide because it’s an issue. Every 2nd or 3rd Fuse main rushes in with either their Arc Star in hand or their Knuckle-Cluster at the ready. While this undoubtedly looks very cool, you will get farmed. A lot. For you see, Apex Legends is a game about GUN-PLAY first, spamming abilities, and granades second. Yes, this may seem like blasphemy to players but it is true.

BOOM! again and again

Because of this, Fuse is one of those legends that are very easy to pick up and play but actually hard to master. Why, exactly? Well, it all boils down to the overall positioning and movement of your enemies.

You see, Fuse is a deceptive legend. You see his look and giant gun and think: “haha granade go boom, brrrr” but in actuality, there are a lot of subtle mechanics at work.

Clever players use this legend to both limit and flush out enemy teams. Thanks to his abilities, he’s the perfect counter to ANY defensive legend, be that Caustic, Gibraltar, Rampart, or Newcastle. We are not counting Wattson here because she’s actually Fuse’s worst enemy due to her Ultimate that sucks up grenades like no one’s business.


As a rule of thumb, Fuse mains are the granade collectors. Regardless if you are playing Pubs or Ranked, you should always stack up on them. You can ask your teammates to ping them for you as well. This is because your granades stack in 2’s and you can just spam people to death. That is not to say that that’s all that you will be doing.

The list of options that are open for Fuse when it comes to engaging teams is extensive. Depending on the team composition and having information beforehand (thanks Seer/Bloodhound/Crypto), you can do a lot:

  • Get into flanking position while your team engages the enemy players to head on and use the knuckle-cluster to damage them
  • Fire several grenades from a perch / hidden position, usually arc stars to stick one enemy while your team unloads on them
  • Time your ult with either a Horizon ULT or a well-coordinated knuckle-cluster spread. You can easily trap players and knowing the size of the circle, you can easily move’em down.

The thing to practice the most is of course the use of your Q and Ultimate. The knuckle cluster is much easier since it can be learned at the firing range over an hour per day. You can trace the line where it is fired and its AOE damage.

The ring of death – effects as fiery as the name suggests

The Ultimate is much more difficult since its range is huge and you have to time it perfectly. It takes a while to master but you can practice it to death if it needs to be in the Firing Range. This is arguably the most important Combo for Fuse mains Рthe use of their Ultimate and the grenade spam. If you want to play aggressively, you must first learn how to target people properly.

We have mentioned some tips already in our how-to-play fuse guide but, there’s more. You can get a first-hand experience from Apex pros if you visit BlazingBoost’s coaching page: Get advice in real time on how to prepare better as a Fuse, today!


It is kind of ironic that we are talking defense with Fuse, right? But, hear us out.

Thanks to his arsenal of weaponry and tactical, Fuse is actually one of the legends that can gate-keep teams from 3rd partying. How this is done? Well, if you have missed out on our how to 1v1 guide, we talked about the impending danger of a 3rd team. Since the maps usually revolve around hot and contested zones, your granade spam and Ultimate were probably heard miles away.

What happens is you mop up your opponents, only to get ambushed by a fresh team while you heal. So, how do you stop them as Fuse? It is quite simple – the knuckle-cluster spam! You should always have at least 1 charge left. This is to either stop a rush or get enough spare seconds for your team to heal.

The damage of a Fuse’s Q isn’t small – usually, teams won’t rush you if you keep damaging them. Additionally, having more grenades means you can add one or two to keep them away.

Keep in mind though, this tactic only works for enclosed spaces – in the open, it is much harder to achieve. The same tactic can be used with your Ultimate, but it is much trickier. See, the Ultimate also can hurt you (not your teammates), so you can die if you run through it. But, if you time it right, it can dissuade teams from pursuing you, buying you time for you to heal up and set up a defensive position.


From everything said up to this point, it is clear how important Fuse is in Ranked. He’s your entry fragger, but also can play the role of support and even defense if needs be.

This means that you can benefit greatly from a composition that allows Fuse to flourish, like:

  • Horizon + Seer + Fuse for the horizon ult + q synergy with Fuse and Seer’s sight (pun unintended),
  • Horizon + Seer + Valkyre is another – again, the same synergy but with added movement and the option to stun opponents thanks to Val’s Q,
  • Gibraltar + Fuse + Bloodhound – looks defensive but it is actually the opposite. You soften up the enemies, forward Buble and finish them off.

Thanks for reading to the very end of our how-to-play fuse guide. We invite you to check Lifeline’s guide and stick around for more Apex Legends content.

Oscar Mike ladies!

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