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Destiny 2’s latest expansion is coming in and bringing in some much-needed changes, 7 of which we count as must-know reasons to get excited for Lightfall. Fans have been clamoring for most of these and Bungie has been listening. To see what the devs have in store, take a short trip to Neomuna, and let’s preview these new changes together:

1. Introduction of Loadouts

It’s strange how this wasn’t part of the original Destiny, let alone being added 5 years after its release. Loadouts are something most players have cried the loudest about. Imagine the pain when you had to manually swap every single item and mod when changing from raids to Iron Banner to Crucible to just farming daily quests.

Finally, you will be able to save up to 10 loadout slots, complete with unique badges and icons. You can even customize the look and color (which is a Destiny 2 staple).

2. Looking for Group

Another feature that should’ve been part of the launch of the game is going to be available in Lightfall. Bungie wants you to be able to easily pair up with players of similar skills and interest. Raids and especially higher-level PvP are some of the advantages.

The LFG isn’t going to be launching with Lightfall since Bungie still has some tweaks to make. However, the new Commendation system is sure to make it very useful, indeed. Speaking of which…

3. Commendations

These are intended to be complementary to the LFG and Guardian Ranks. The former is so you can find people who are great IGLs or fraggers, or just generally amazing people to be around. After each match players can give cards to their teammates. The better the cards, the player will receive more commendations and unlock badges and profile options. The latter is intended for something more exotic and ego-boost alike.

4. Guardian Ranks

If we were to compare the Guardian Ranks, it would have to be the Achievements from World of Warcraft. You can go beyond what’s already available in the game and have cool titles/badges to flaunt them. These are considered prestige points with which you can showcase your achievements and how many unique feats you have completed (like heroic raids, number of kills, PvP, and more).

They will come great for both new and veteran players, since more bragging rights – better experience, amirite? 🙂

5. Mods

Intended for more customization which is part of the new loadout system. The new Mod Manager is a separate screen dedicated to your mods. Here you can fix anything for every single slot, without having to go into each specific gun or armor mod to swap it for something else). Thanks to loadouts, you can simply save it and the mods will stay on that specific loadout and change to another. Super helpful quality of life change. Kudos!

6. The new Sub-Class Strand

We’ve talked a lot about the new movement options that will be a staple to Destiny in Lightfall. Flinging around, shooting from the air, and being as menacing as ever. Thanks to the new Grapple, courtesy of the new Darkness subclass – Strand.

Every single class gets it with a plethora of cool new green effects and abilities. Truly something to look forward to.

7. Balance changes

Bungie is going HAM on fixing annoying oversights like overpowered guns, exploitative combos, and classes that dominated certain aspects of the game. A ton of balance changes will sweep through PvE and PvP. The game is sure to feel fresher and more engaging than ever. You can read about some of the changes that are already in the game before Lifhtfall’s eventual deployment.

That’s about it for now. We hope our 7 reasons to get excited for Lightfall will be shared with the community. See you soon in Neomuna!


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