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DESTINY 2 in 2023 – IS THIS The Year to join the MMO-behemoth?

Destiny 2 continues to bring in loads of players in 2023 and Bungie intends to take things to the next level with Lightfall. This is the newest Destiny 2 expansion that will bring some much-needed upgrades to the existing gameplay experience.

However, Destiny 2 is already a huge game. While the hard-core crowd is chasing everything down to the last morsel of content and achievements, should a newbie get excited about it? Is this the perfect time to get into the meat-grinder that is F2P Destiny or should you skip it altogether. Let’s find out!


Lightfall will be the 5th official expansion for Destiny 2 and in 2023, it is sure to stir up the crowds. The trailer that we got during the Video Game Awards set a lot of questions in motion. The devs have expanded upon most concepts and what can players expect. However, there’s still a ton to be known about what we can DO in Lightfall when it hits live servers on February 28th.

Story-wise, it is a conclusion of the “Light vs. Darkness” motif that’s been essential throughout most of Destiny 2’s run. The main villain is an entity called ‘The Witness”. He’s using Callus and his army (the Shadow Legion) to wreak havoc on the new region, a city on Neptune called Neomuna.

There are scant details about what players will be facing in the new Legendary Raid. On the other hand, Bungie has been taunting players with their new Tormentors. These will be boss-like enemies that can drain Guardians of their HP, power, or even Ultimate.

These guys don’t look that intimidating from afar… as on, another planet.

As you can glean from the trailer, the whole shtick of the new expansion is this green power. It’s actually called “Strand” and it is the second Darkness power. It will bring a grappling hook for all Guardians for easier traversal. There will also be separate sub-class powers for each class with some devastating results (if the action on the screen tell us something).

The expansion is shaping up to be more interesting thanks to a bunch of new additions. We will be getting new armor sets, new exotics, and new powers but, the gameplay changes are where it’s at.

There’s going to be a new LFG or Fireteam Finder. This is sure to shorten the time to find teammates. You can queue in and quickly run through challenges and farm content. It is especially inviting for new players who are just getting into the game.

Escaping the F2p trap

Destiny 2 has been free to play for some time now and it can be tempting to join. After all, there’s now more content than ever before so surely you can just jump in and get started. Right? WRONG!

While it is true you can start playing today for free, the majority of the content is locked behind a paywall. The universe map is huge and there is a lot of planets to visit, but:

  • You must purchase previous expansions to get the most content unlocked, like raids and powers,
  • The Season pass is recommended if you plan on being present during each season,
  • The game is still insanely grindy and even as a hard-core player it is difficult to stay up to date with the current offerings.

As an FPSMMO the game has a lot in store for the average player. Strikes are abundant and you can do most of those with random teammates. You can solo a lot of the content but you will be stuck withbelow-averagee gear that will see you get rolled in the Crucible.

COACHING is a way in

You can easily get lost when you first boot up Destiny 2. Bungie hasn’t really resolved most of its UI clutter. There’s no way around the initial learning curve. Not to mention, you will get stuck on which expansion to buy, what class to pick to progress, how to level up, and the bajillion different stats and what they mean.

There is a very simple solution to all of this. At Blazing, we have PvE and PvP coaching. It is basically a guidance meant to ease your way into the complicated world of Destiny 2.

Our Pros are seasoned Destiny 2 veterans that can help you in everything – from your first steps to conquering the Legendary Raids. All you need to do is select the number of hours and you will be all set. Check all the available options on our website for more information.

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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