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World’s Edge is back Ranked in Apex Legends because, and get this, Olympus has fallen! We’re not making a horrible pun based off of that horrible Gerard Buttler movie. The game constantly crashed when played on a Ranked server in S15, after the latest rest.

People were really, and we do mean really looking forward to seeing Olympus back for the ranked split. After all, the new map Broken Moon isn’t the greatest of additions. Everyone, however, loves Olympus for ranked since it’s fairly balanced and you cannot just 3rd party everything.

The issue first arose when the CEO of Apex, ImperialHal noticed a strange bug plaguing his games. The “Engine Error – UI images ran out of space” forced many a player to come crying to Respawn. The map was just virtually unplayable because of the lags and frequent crashes. So, as is the case, Respawn removed it and in its stead, we get World’s Edge… again.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love some good old World’s Edge ranked. It is familiar, it is chaotic… we get it. However, people are now asking, what the hell happened to King’s Kanyon? Why couldn’t we get a bit more variety this last split and get the old map?

Well, turns out, Respawn removed it as well. Not like in the case of Olympus, oh no, no, no. It’s just ERASED from the game files. No idea what prompted such a change but here’s hoping we get a brand new King’s Kanyon, better than ever!


Speaking of returning things, for the Anniversary event, people who didn’t unlock Crypto or Ash will be getting them for free. Simply log in during February and you will get them AND one thematic pack for those same legends. Since most people already unlocked them, a free pack for all! Wooo!

Is anyone looking forward to playing World’s Edge, now that it is back in ranked? Do you think Respawn should do a better job at testing the maps out before releasing a new split?

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