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All that moaning about a new LTM that needs to please the hardcore crowd is paying off – Apex Legends is getting a new BR mode. Leaked early this new limited-time mode will be focusing on some key features that should please all those sweaty players out there. What does it contain? Well, if the leaks are to be believed:

  • Players below level 20 cannot participate (not sure if this is for a brand new accounts or for those 500+ people)
  • Limited UI information!
  • Circle hits with max damage from Round 1!

Let’s elaborate on each of these, shall we? First and foremost, the entry. It seems like newbs won’t be able to participate. This should come as no surprise because, heh… it’s in the name: “Apex Legends HARDCORE BR” it is called. So, it’s fitting then that only “hardcore” players be allowed. It is still a tad unclear what defines a hardcore player though. On the one hand, anyone level 20 cannot be classified as “hardcore”. It’s barely 10 hours into the game. Unless… it is the new reset AFTER level 500, i.e. the new leveling which was changed after S14.


Next is the, perhaps, MOST interesting change and that is the UI removal. Of course, some things will remain but many will not. Starting with – the MAP! No minimap means you must know where and where you’re headed. It seems that you can get some info if you have a scout Legend with you (Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Seer, Valkyre, Crypto).

Continuing on, there won’t be any ammo counter or what you have in your inventory. So you will have to be very careful what you pick up! This is of course still in a test phase, so maybe it will change. But what is cool is that if you inspect your gun, you can see the ammo left! Practical use of this function, rather than just admiring that sweet, sweet skin you got.

“Look at that ammo count. LOOK AT IT!”

Last but not least, the CIRCLE change. Man oh man, this one’s super FUN! Imagine having to run like hell from Round 1. The ring can kill you in 3 seconds unless you move and reposition. Super intense!

We’re unsure yet when this Apex Legends hardcore mode LTM is coming. We have the Valentine’s LTM first in February so maybe later in the year. What do you think of this mode? Is it something you think will resonate with the fanbase?

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