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Respawn continues to push “new” content in the form of yet another collection event for Apex Legends called Celestial Sunrise. The event is scheduled to be released on the 24th of January.

The main theme of the event is the Chinese Lunar year. Some of the skins, like Octane’s Lucky Rabbit reflect the theme quite well. However, the main star of the show is Reactive skin for the Peacekeeper. It looks really damn good but, again, it is hidden behind the infamous $160 paywall… meaning you have to “unlock” every single skin in the event to claim it. We are not sure what’s the ongoing content strategy here. Reactive skins are cool and everything but having to pay $160 for each skin is reaching… a lot.

Thankfully the event also contains free skins, with the R99 getting in on the spotlight.

Perhaps the most interesting addition outside of overpriced skins, is the new mode. Now, we’ve already covered this in our coverage for the leak, but it’s worth mentioning. There are way more details now.

HARDCORE ROYALE for the sweaty crowds

The LTM is called Hardcore Royale and will be available during the period before Valentine’s day. This LTM will then be replaced by the Date Night duos event.

Now, onto the more fleshed-out details on Hardcore Royale. It seems like the mode will be indeed even more hardcore than expected:

  • No Evo shields – you get a white shield that you cannot swap or upgrade! You can heal it up but you cannot get it to blue, purple, or red!
  • 7% chance for shield/meds drop! The chance to get a shield cell, let alone a battery is abysmal in this mode. After all, why would you need them?
  • No HUD and very limited map info – you can use recon legends to scan for the last circle and how many teams are left. Your HUD won’t show the remaining players or how much ammo you have. You must inspect your weapon to see the attachment and ammo left.
  • The ring hurts – a lot. If you stray a bit and cannot get back in time you will die in a second or two.
  • Unique crafts – you can use the Crafter to build bundles with a Sentinel for them sweet, sweet one-shot kills and bigger bags.

Overall, this mode is shaping up to be quite interesting. Coupled with the new skins that may fancy your eye, it’s a decent enough shake-up of the current offering.

So, are you excited about Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise? We cannot wait to play the new LTM and that one Octane legendary skin looks ridiculous enough to be funny to use in the game.

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