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Apex datamined skins aren’t anything new. Enthusiastic players have been digging around the game files for years now. Usually, they uncover new voice lines, perhaps a hint for a new game mode. The most recent one is a treasure trove of arguably, some of the coolest skins ever. You can check the short video for the skins and judge for yourself:

Now, the files call the event “Archenemy” and it’s going to obviously be a sale. However, we don’t know if is it going to be part of a bigger event. This is because we already know the 3 collection events coming in S16 like the Imperial Guard.

Perhaps Respawn is toying with another idea to get more people interested in acquiring these. For what it’s worth, these are honestly some of the best skins they’ve done. Look at that Bangalore skin – finally, someone figured out how to do her hair properly. It looks straight out of Crysis! The whole futuristic and cyber-theme is so cool.

So is the skin for Caustic. Fits really, really well with his overall look. It is also an excellent play on the Pyro/Firefighter that Lifeline has.

Hopefully, Respawn takes more inspiration from the Mobile legend skins. These are obviously modeled after some of their mobile counterparts. They all look amazingly fresh and fit very well with the vibe of the game.

What do you think about the data mined skins in Apex S16 so far? Will you be getting any? We cannot wait to try the Bangalore one in action – so satisfying to look at!

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