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S16 has been the most successful launches in Apex history so the question of the current state of the game isn’t really up for debate. However, fans are troubled because the recent news shows that EA isn’t out of bad practices just yet.

While we know there will be 3 other Collection Events for s16, there are rumors abound of more “unsavory” practices being planned for the future. Re-skins and overpriced heirloom shards aside, EA is looking again at expanding the brand but at what cost?

Also, the company is doggedly against the fan-favorite idea of giving Apex the anime treatment. It worked for League of Legends (Arcane). It worked for Cyberpunk 2077 (Edgerunners). So why doesn’t EA want to reach even more people, leveraging the rich lore it has created for its worlds and characters in Apex Legends? Who can tell…

The Heirloom Skins will be back

No one really expected EA to just stop printing money, right? So, Caustic is getting the new armor, probably next season. It’s nothing confirmed yet but it seems that fans of thick stinky will have their chance to shell out $160 for a new prestige skin.

The final look of the skin hasn’t been leaked yet. There are some concept images and what looks like the first iteration of the suit. However, we will surely be getting more info on what the suit’s going to look like, seeing how Caustic is still played and enjoyed by a lot of players.


The issue is that since players are still buying them, these skins will continue to pop up. The prestige skins are fine. But, there are rumors of yet ANOTHER original recolor for an heirloom (the Bloodhound one). Seeing how there are legends in the game without an heirloom, you can think of a couple of reasons why this is just plain greed…

An Apex Board game… Umm, what?

In yet another head-scratching decision, EA has given the rights to a polish company to use Apex as a basis for… a board game. Now, the funny thing is, this isn’t an EA thing. They’ve only given them the license and the company is launching a kick starter for the project.

Now, this is funny for two reasons: 1. A billion-dollar company such as EA, not shelling the $70k for the project is funny enough. However, reason number 2, is Apex Mobile hasn’t even been properly buried yet. They’ve axed that project that had so much potential… yet we’re supposed to care about a board game.

Yes, board games are fantastic. But how many people actually care about Apex and board game experience? Yeah… that’s how out of touch they’ve become.

More e-sports ORG leave the comp scene 🙁

The Guard, home to some of Apex finest like Rambeau is dissolving and leaving the players to fend for themselves. This just adds to the list of organizations that have left competitive Apex. We count Cloud 9, Esports Arena, Renegades, G2m Fnatic, Team Liquid, and Spacestation Gaming.

This adds a new dimension to the state of apex s16 in the comp scene. Many existing orgs are reporting lethargic or downright disinterest by EA to make it worth their while, so to speak. E-sports organizations are in very hot water after Covid, with many facing financial troubles and ways to pay off the bills.

Companies like EA who own profitable IPs don’t seem too keen on expanding their relationships with e-sports orgs, and Apex is certainly one of those cases 🙁

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