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Apex is having one of its best seasons yet. However, S17 even now looks to be a banger thanks to the new legend called Ballistic. There are plenty of rumors but, thanks to some leaks, we can confirm that he’s indeed the new legend arriving in s17.

With that being said, none of the abilities have been officially confirmed. They sound way too OP as they are at the moment, so they may be subject to change. But what are his abilities, and what will be his role in the META? Let’s find out!

Solving the “I AM OUT OF AMMO” issue

Ballistic is going to be an assault-type legend, which fits well both lore-wise and gameplay-wise. He’s a freaking gun dealer. No, not like Rampart. He’s an actual death merchant with a heart of gold (we made the last part up).

There’s no info on his lore but from appearance alone, he seems like an elderly gentleman who’s been around. The leakers have already data mined a legendary skin with him wearing intent glasses. So we know he’s got style.

Now, in terms of abilities, he’s there to feed you and your team, ammo. Loba is great and all but she’s stealing from the rich and giving it to herself (and her team). Ballistic is logging freaking ammo cash with him as his ultimate. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Abilities and utility

Ballistic is the first legend to carry 3 separate guns, other than Vantage and Fuse. Unlike Vantage or Fuse though, his 3rd gun rests on a sling and it can be ANY gun from the loot pool. This is actually his passive and it goes beyond just being a 1-2-3 when fighting in the game.

His tactical, called Smart Bullet actually makes his target’s weapon malfunction. It can overheat and deal damage, or make the opponent,have to reload in the middle of a fight. If you hold on to a target with the tactical, it will “lock on” and is a guaranteed shot.

Last and holy crap, his Ultimate is called Weapon Enhancer (this may change since it sounds rather a plebian for what it does). Essentially, when activated, Ballistic and his teammates gain:

  • Faster reloads
  • Movement when unarmed
  • Infinite bloody ammo
  • Ballistic equips his sling weapon which is now gold-quality

Shifting the “HIDE & SEEK” META

The current Seer/Bloodhound + Catalyst meta is just the worst. You must keep a Catalyst so you can wall up, but also a scanner so you can see through the damn thing. It is exhausting. But, with Ballistic this can all change.

Early predictions are that the ability to just unload bullets against squads will be amazing in the early-mid point of the games. Not to mention, the end game will look much different when you have a guy who can feed you unlimited ammo… crazy stuff.

So, what do you think of his abilities? Do you agree with the leaks that claim s17 new legend is Ballistic or Respawn turns it on its head and introduces someone new? Tell us in the comments!

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