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A fun new cinematic trailer dropped for the upcoming Season 16 Revelry for Apex Legends. It is honestly a hoot, seeing all the legends having some actual fun. There’s plenty of shooting to be had as well, but the real takeaway is the new weapon. Let’s take it slow and analyze what we’re settings ourselves out for:

Team Deathmatch is confirmed!

This is the big one. A brand new mode that is going to stick around. No info yet if this is replacing Arena for good. The mode is sure to be quite something, with more details coming very soon in the official gameplay trailer. From what we can glean from the trailer though, it is going to be a 6v6 affair. Now, the real question is – will there be a restriction on how many Legends you can have (from the same class). Also, weapon load-outs. So many questions!

We cannot wait to get that info on February 8th!


Finally a new weapon and is confirmed. The Nemesis Burst AR is going to be an energy weapon and it looks very unique. To find out more about how it works, check out this short clip showcasing it in action:

It is sure to shake up the meta, though whether it is going to be a care package or not, it needs to be seen.


Apart from the wholesome friendship that seemed to have developed between Ash and Revenant, the new duo is Maggie and Lifeline. Considering February 14th is around the corner with the new mode, we can expect this season to be all around building longevity and friendships.

Season 16 Revelry is shaping up to be a real banger, and we don’t even know all the details! Stay tuned for a day and a half to get the full details!

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