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Apex Legends is a game of variety. With 23 Legends to choose from in Apex, one can always find a way to ranking them from best to worst. There are literally hundreds of lists where each legend is dissected. Not literally, but we players tend to obsess over abilities, who’s a better tracker, who can move fastest, who can outflank the best, whose hairdo is weird… stuff like that.

On that note, we decided to create a list that’s sure to beย veryย subjective. Therefore, our “Ranking Legends in Apex”ย  list is using the factor: fun. We will avoid the usual standards that govern the most famous legends list. Apex is 4 years old and we’ve been around, maining and switching from one Legend to the next, always looking for some edge. Now, that edge is just having a blast either in Pubs, Ranked, or whatever.

The only “rule” we’ll abide by is to showcase why said legend is enjoyable to play or not. There are a lot of legends to go through and if the list looks a bit weird – don’t worry. It’s supposed to be like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

S-Tier, FUN times

Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way so we can then start arguing in earnest ๐Ÿ™‚ The S tier ranking of legends in Apex… lets a gooo!

The most popular legends are popular for a couple of reasons: they bring great value to the team, they can showcase a player’s skill and they are irreplaceable in the META. Unfortunately, the current Meta is horrible and doesn’t reflect what players actually love playing. So, for now, forget Seer and Catalyst…

“Stop, leaving, the game, when, you, get, downed, you $%@#%!!!”
  • Octane – the stimmed-up, speed junkie never fails to entertain. “Run fast, win fast” usually ends up with you dead and your team screaming at you for pushing too fast but, who cares. You’re Octane! You’re supposed to be reckless. Also, the jump pad is the best way to traverse the map, bar none.
  • Wraith – beaten only by her crazy Latino compatriot. The TTV Wraith is a meme on its own because so many people play her for fun. Jumping around ropes in Streamer building, annoying the crap of people who just want to get some play time after work… oh yeah. Wriath’s where’s at.
  • Lifeline – there’s something infinitely satisfying about getting your teammates up for the umptieth time. Lifeline scratches an itch for many players who just love to help. Also, have you played against a good Lifeline? That’s some intense fighting, right there!
  • Valkyre – is it any wonder that most movement legends are on this S-tier list? It is as if, *gasp* Apex was made with movement in mind! Shocking stuff. This is why Valkyre will never, ever be boring to play. You can lead your enemies on a “catch me if you can” chase thanks to your jet pack. You can skydive from anywhere. You can spam your rockets and stun your enemies and yourself. So many options to just kick ass…
  • Pathfinder – even before the buff to his grapple speed, Pathy-enjoyers loved the robot’s versatility. Another legend that relies on speed and movement, you say? Why we’d be damned if we don’t partake. There’s something endlessly enjoyable about throwing yourself at an unsuspecting enemy and acting out your Obi-Wan fantasies… I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!
  • Mirage – the bamboozle master is the reason why we shouldn’t take Apex seriously, all the time. The trickster is there to show you that you can have fun AND kick ass. Yes, his kit isn’t META-ready (and hardly ever will be) but that’s OK. Because Mirage mains are there for the lulz!

A-TIER, the Good ones

The A-tiers are great but not the first pick when it comes to unwinding or just wanting to prove a point. They are amazing, don’t get us wrong. But, there’s always an alternative that can offer something which they don’t have. Hence, why our ranking of these legends in Apex has been in this order:

“One fart-nuke, coming up!”
  • Fuse – there’s no Legend like Fuse. No one can stack so many ‘nodes like him. No one can hurl so many projectiles (that usually don’t hit) like Fuse. But, he’s just so gosh-darn fun to play. For players that want to go “all out”, a Fuse main never disappoints.
  • Caustic – our resident fart boy is a fan favorite for years now. The reason: slow, painful, yet immediately funny death as you hide in a corner while your enemies try to ambush you and end up dying to your fart-barrels.
  • Bloodhound – “FUR TEH ALLFATHOR!” and you scare some idiots trying to rush you. The Bloodhound mains still remain a fear factor, even after the devastating nerf to their Ult. It is still fun to scan enemies and try (and fail) to predict their next move.
  • Revenant – Rev’s a fan of many, solely because he’s so hated by the current meta. Ever since the Octane-rev days, Rev has been in a constant state of agony. We’re not sure if this was intended by the devs (lore and gameplay-wise) but he’s been just horrible in a group combo. Still, his ult is fun, his climbing mechanics are a blast and you can do just crazy stuff with his abilities.
  • Horizon – is another legend that’s movement based but is still quite close to the main spotlight. She’s been nerfed and is quite annoying to players who aren’t skilled at her kit. Yes, she’s super fun to experiment with and blast over some Pubs. Yet, you have to be actually “good” at jitter-aiming from her Q and know when to time her Ult to be of any use.
  • Bangalore – everyone’s favorite starting legend, Bang’s been abused for her Q due to controller players’ aim botting most of the lobbies (if you didn’t know, her smoke messes up a controller’s aim assist). So, she’s had a bit of a fallout with us, “common folk.” Don’t confuse this with her being bad – it’s just her role is now much more tactical rather than smoking everything (and yourself) and not being able to hit anything.

B-TIer, the so and so

Next up we have the relegated 3rd in our ranking legends list for Apex. The ones we choose to play only because we’re bored with the first 2 tiers and why the hell not. Yeah, it’s not like these are bad legends and you cannot get some fun out of them. But when you have so many that guarantee fun, why risk it. Right?

“I told you already. The moment you set that down we’re gonna get… oh for the love of…”
  • Ash – once a promising replacement for Wraith thanks to her portal, Ash is just a slower and situational legend. Her Q barely ever hits anyone and, well… do you see many Ash TTV’s around? No? Why, we cannot think of a reason why that would be.
  • Wattson – another situational legend that was great back in the day when we didn’t have wall hacks, a girl that could fly, and a dude who could knock your carefully built fences in one go. She’s not too shabby if you want to play turtle and annoy people, with info for the last ring. But you ought to be very good at playing her, placement, and where to place your Ult and… too much work and one thing can just offset your entire game. Not really worth the hassle.
  • Catalyst – she’s new but her place in the meta is just so finicky. Yes, most top-of-the-line pros use her for her Ult and the final defense against the Seer spam, but my God… you ought to be amazingly good at it. Otherwise, you end up walling yourself or a random direction, not achieving anything in the process but shooting yourself (and your team) in the foot. Yes, her door passive is great and her Q is fun to use, but there’s just a slowness to her that doesn’t lend itself in her favor.
  • Loba – thanks to Lifeline’s recent buffs, Loba’s usefulness has been somewhat diminished. She’s still super fun to play, but her Q isn’t the best and there’s a sort of weird dependency on her Ult to feel relevant. She’s useful and can be great fun – it’s only that this usually delegates to a chance of 50/50 if you solo queue.
  • Newcastle – last of the B-tiers is Newcastle. A legend that most of us probably forget exists but is still somewhat good to use, if only for his crazy annoying reviews with a gold knockdown shield and superhero landing. He’s better and worse in many aspects than Gibby & Lifeline, yet fails to make a decent account for himself. It’s probably because of his kit – he’s slower moving, and relies on fortifying… plus, unlike Lifeline, he has to move when ressing and can get insta-killed by a flanking enemy.

D-Tier, just forget about it

At the bottom of the bucket, we have the D-tiers and yes, these are the legends people have the least fun with (or so we’re told). Don’t get mad if these are your mains – Apex has something for everyone and we’re glad these bring you joy:

  • Seer – the one legend that brought the hate of the entire player base back when he was introduced. Nerfed to the ground, Seer is still super annoying since the scanning meta never truly died. Arguably the biggest issue that Seer has is the constant need to scan. In a game where movement and speed are all the rage, you’re just stuck there, looking around for heartbeats. After the nerf, you have to be even more attentive to spot people, and time your Q perfectly. If you don’t, people will flame you. And isn’t that just wonderful?
  • Gibraltar – the big tank is a legend with a crosshair on his back. You can be the best movement player in the world, yet you will get sniped thanks to his huge ass model. The Gibby era has passed and even then he was picked the least. This was due to his sheer bulk and slowness in everything that he did. The gun shield didn’t help much. Yes, his Ult is still great and the Bubble is cool but with Maggie being prevalent, you may as well play something else… anything, for that matter.
  • Crypto – you know what isn’t fun? Standing in a corner, with your nose stuck to a little console, flying your stupid drone around to tag enemies. That’s Crypto for you. A small, 0.0001% enjoys this but hey – if you’re one of those… good on you, mates.
  • Vantage – yet another legend that just slipped into absolute obscurity. Snipers are a niche in Apex due to the sheer amount of movement and shields that need to be taken down to be effective. Yet, here we have a legend, with a giant hit-box, who specializes in Snipers… it’s like the 1% only if that 1% had a 1%… don’t quote us on that math, though.
  • Rampart – our cheery Indian mechanic isn’t the worst Legend in the game. However, she’s slow in a game about speed. Setting up the covers, whipping out the minigun, and bam – you dead. There’s always something interesting happening and Ramparts are usually missing it. It’s sad but, play something else, maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

Woah, this was a mouthful. What did you think of the legends ranking in Apex in our list? Have we offended your main? Have we proved a point? Drop us a comment and let’s argue (peacefully) ๐Ÿ™‚


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