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The Apex Legends ALGS finals in London are in full swing. The very best teams in the world are gathered in a series of games to crown the new Apex King. Last year, it was Dark Zero in a neck-and-neck situation, with Furia being proclaimed the “moral” winner since they dominated the circuits.

There’s been a major shift, however – Furia failed to qualify for the Apex Legends ALGS in London. Dark Zero had so far struggled to repeat their amazing performance but had pulled out a respectable 2nd place in the losers bracket.

TSM ON TOP in the group stages

In the group stages, the fan favorite and arguably the best team in the world, TSM has come up on top with 153 points. They’ve been just one point ahead of Northeption who were playing like crazy. The top 10 in the group stage included EXO, NRG, XSET, JLINGZ Esports, Spacestation Gaming, Fnatic, Esports Arena, and Ascend.

TSM Reps living up to his nickname

The biggest and most pleasant surprise, Moist Esports continue to play amazingly well, with their 14th place in this part of the competition. Alliance disappointed. being nearly last at 19th place.


One of the most consistent teams in Apex Legends history has made an amazing play in the winner’s bracket. With 2 excellent games, NRG led by Sweetdreams, managed to snatch first place for the finals. They won the leading spot with 60 points.

Ascent and Element 6 played neck and neck, with Alliance making an amazing comeback, at the wings of TSM Mande. It is crazy how the new content creator for TSM is actually leading the charge for the European team.

TSM disappointed with overall 8th place, earning just 3 more points than Moise Esports, the biggest underdog of this tourney.

Luminocity and DarkZero’s redemption into winners’

The losers’ bracket saw some crazy games and comebacks. For starters, DarkZero managed to turn their luck around with a respectable second place. Luminosity remained very strong and has led the charge with 83 points.

The other teams that managed to just barely make it to the finals are Fnatic, EXO Clan, Drewam Fire, and ENTER FORCE.36.

100 Thieves wholly disappointed with a horrible 13th place, with Northeption rounding up the horrible performances of teams that were strong candidates for the title.


As usual, the ALGS is a breeding place for some brand-new memes and amazing feats of skill. The prime suspect for the best meme is the “end game mafia boss” Raven from TSM. Whether intentional or not, he had a very iconic placement on the TSM stage, with his stature shrouded in mystery. Thousands of memes were already shared and went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

As for the games themselves, you can check this montage to see just what you were missing from the event:


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