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S16 in Apex Legends has been the best in quite a while, with the new buffs to legends shifting the meta significantly. The end of the wall hacks is nigh, and some beloved but forgotten legends are back in the spotlight. We’re here to update you on what is the current legends meta in s16 for Apex and tell you who’s at the top and who, the rock bottom for the Ranked split. Stick around to the very end to find out which legends are out the current Apex S16 meta, he may as well be out of the game.


“Grappling to S-Tier like a boss!”

In this tier, we number the must-picks for any team. Thanks to the recent updates Pathfinder and Mad Maggie have made it to the new list, while Seer and Horizon got downgraded. Loba is an unsung new champion and we will get into each below:

  • Valkyre – still a king of the skies and repositioning. Even with Wraith’s new super-long portal or Pathfinder’s ridiculous grapple, you cannot count Valk Ult out. Her Q is still so very strong and with a good team, you can never be kept down long.
  • Pathfinder – his new ULT’s distance is nothing short of crazy. If that wasn’t enough, you now have super fast traversal + Q being combined into a hurtling machine is just too much fun and grants too much utility not to take notice.
  • Loba – her Ultimate is essential with the new Support Perk for Ranked farming. You can respawn killed off teammates with the option to yoink their banner or just craft it thanks to her new perk. Plus, as a support, she can open the blue bins that grant meds and stuff for the end game. Honestly, there’s no reason why your team shouldn’t have a Loba in Ranked in S16.
  • Mad Maggie – one Legend that becomes super OP thanks to the shotgun buff and is now essential if you want to play aggressively. Give her a golden bolt, pair her up with a Loba and a Valk and you get a scary squad that will melt people.


“Oscar Mike Ladies! Bang’s coming for your scalp!”

In A Tier we got the legends that are still very viable, but not as essential as the S tier ones. It’s the biggest collection, which means more variety and options that, with appropriate skill, you can have S-tier performance:

  • Horizon – starting off with the huge nerf to her Q (no longer one clipping folks from height), she still brings lots of utility and opportunities for playing vertically. Plus her ULT is still very strong, and can offset any entrenched enemy.
  • Gibraltar – even with the changes to the Meta, the Bubble-boy remains a viable choice. Yes, he gets outclassed due to his slower movement and being bubble reliant. However, with a Valk and Maggie, he can be very viable in the late game.
  • Newcastle – arguably, the better clutch-respawn king to the Gibby. The issue with him moving to S-tier is his VERY high skill ceiling. See how utilized he is in Pred lobbies and you will notice a huge shift in his utility comparable to, say, Silver or Gold lobbies 🙂
    Crypto – his Drone is unchanged so lots of wall hacks abound. He’s also amazing at starting fights and an actual alternative to Bloodhound/Seer which doesn’t require that much skill.
  • Octane – gone are the days of the Rev-Oct Meta but this legend can still be very fun and resourceful for his team. His pad is great for moving around and if played correctly can be irreplaceable at grabbing banners, and bringing people back.
  • Bangalore – she’s very reliable now with the new Assault perk, thanks to her Assault Perk. Having digis for the team means she can smoke to her heart’s content. Her Ult is great for Gatekeeping and retaliating against 3rd parties and the Q is just amazing against controller players that infest high-tier lobbies.
  • Seer – is still OP but now has a very high skill requirement. To take full use of his utility, you must keep track of your minimap, pinpoint the enemies with your passive, and communicate to your team at all times. As we all know, Apex is well known for its great comms so of course Seer cannot be in the S tier anymore xD
  • Lifeline – the Queen is slowly taking her due thanks to the now very fast Ultimate, excellent combat res that doesn’t slow her anymore. This means you can keep spam ressing teammates while shooting.
  • Wraith – her latest updates make her far more valuable in high-end play. Her Portal’s distance is now twice as long and she can move faster while in the portal (and her team, of course). The issue is that the portal does disappear fast so there’s not that much utility, vs. say the Pathfinder’s Ult.


“Houndy got slighted… hopefully the Allfather will be merciful.”

The “not great, not terrible” list comprises a lot of legends that are amazing at one thing but pretty terrible at others. It’s a mix-and-match type of thing and some of these can feel pretty amazing with a good team. You will find most control Legends here for some reason but don’t think they are overall that bad:

  • Mirage – received a slew of great new buffs, which makes him valuable at support. These include the 3s invisibility while ressing, the better Ult tracking, and the Q highlighting enemies. The one missed opportunity is not making Mirage a support legend, which would’ve made him A-tier, minimum.
  • Caustic – is still superb for gatekeeping and locking an area + the new Control perk makes him excellent for the late game. Still very situational and kind of hard to properly utilize on an open field (because he is thick).
  • Wattson – is in the same situation as Caustic, though slightly better since her bolthole is guaranteed not to get grenade spammed to death (thanks to her ult).
  • Rampart – with her barricades being super strong and buffing damage, she’s excellent at setting up a good bolthole. Her ult does a crapton of damage in enclosed space/to unsuspecting enemies, yet she still requires a good player for coordination and synergy to be of much use in end-game lobbies.
  • Catalyst – is in a weird spot – her Ult can be game-changing and her Q is amazing in most situations, though there’s still something to be said when she needs to reposition safely and there are no doors around)
  • Bloodhound – the poor Houndy got the shortest end of the stick in S16. His Ult is no longer instilling fear in the heart of his/hers enemies. The white ravens that are summoned as a substitute are shoddy at best, and it is obvious that Respawn doesn’t want no wallhack meta.


Too many coldies have left Fuse in C tier 🙁

The “I need a buff soon” tier consists of just 3 legends which Respawn is sure to buff soon. They are not outright bad but are very skill/situation dependant:

  • Ash – hasn’t received buffs after her initial nerf. Her Ult got severely outclassed by the newly buffed Pathfinder, even Octane’s pad is more useful. Her Q is great but her passive needs a rework to be actually useful.
  • Fuse – our favorite Space Aussie is very team reliant, i.e. you ought to have good group synergy and have to push teams for his strengths to deny his weaknesses.
  • Vantage – her ULT is fun but situational, and if you want to use snipers, youwon’tt be saddled with norrestrictedd as much when you have a Vantage that can only really snipe in a fight. Still horrible at close quarters and her general bulky model is easy pickings for a skilled shooter.


The resident meat-bag enthusiast is most certianly getting buffed soon.

The “I am 100% getting buffed next patch” belongs to only one Legend, which for a while now is just Revenant. Even with the infinite climb buff, he’s remained mostly useless:

  • Revenant – no buffs for a very long time now. His ULT is just a risk and alerts half the lobby, and you get put at a disadvantage for playing with half health. The Q is great but you ought to know how to throw it and it isn’t as good as the one thrown by Catalyst.

What do you think of our s16 legends meta tier list for Ranked in Apex? Do you agree with our picks? Which legends (apart from Revenant) you think deserve a rework?

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