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APex Legends Spellbound – Collectors, rejoice!

It seems that Apex Legends Spellbound isn’t there to fix the game after all /s. In all honesty, after so many datamines, it was more than clear that we were getting the Seer’s Heirloom next. It is these two very cool, stylized blades… just like the Legend that wields them.

NGL, this is one of the more aesthetically looking heirlooms in the game.

There’s already talk at large that Respawn is going to nerf the Seer + Valkyre + Horizon meta in S16. So to see this heirloom is kind of bittersweet for Seer mains. Especially if you consider that Fuse still hasn’t gotten his…

Alas, let’s talk about the trailer:


We spied a freaking AMAZING new skin for the EVA-8. Lifeline got a recollor (or was it original)? So did Fuse, Mad Maggie, Mirrage and of course, Seer. Crypto’s looking extra weird and Horizon’s new skin is… well. Judge for yourself.

Control is also back and we believe Respawn is testing the waters for when it becomes a permanent mode in S16. Oh, you didn’t hear the news? It is heavily implied it will replace Arena (which is just forgotten at this point).

We’re getting some guaranteed progression skins for the event which is great. However, most of the cool skins will probably be locked behind the Heirloom’s paywall.

Still, this is what we’d expect from a standard edition Apex Collection event.

Will you be tuning in?

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