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Apex Legends Spellbound – even more details emerge

The much-awaited Apex Legends Spellbound collectors event isn’t shaping out to be just another boring skin-selling-fest. More and more details emerge that hint at some of the good changes that Respawn is doing.

There’s already plenty of info available and all of this seems very good. A fan-favorite mode is back with many updates to make it even better. We get something both pros and influencers have been demanding forever – private matches (with a caveat). Tons of bug fixes and gameplay updates as well.

Let’s have a closer look and judge for ourselves, shall we?

Control is back and better than ever

One of the best LTMs’s the grace the game, Control is coming back for the Spellbound event. This time around, there will be some major changes to make the mode more accessible and interesting to play.

The biggest change is at the very start – no longer will you start a match with fewer teammates than the opposing team. Respawn has extended the time it takes to assemble the team to avoid this issue.

Respawn has also addressed the potential downfall of this change – waiting forever for a match. You will be able to join an already ongoing match! You will be skipping the first spawn wave and have purple armor/helm + the same quality weapons and a fully charged ULT. This is to help you get into the fray and help your team.

There’s also a new balance change that wants to help losing teams have a little more opportunity to turn the tide. For instance, if the winning team is ahead by 62 points, the losing team will skip spawn waves until there’s a score change.

The maps for this Control setup include Barometer (on Storm Point), Lava Siphon (World’s Edge), and everyone’s favorite Hammond Labs (Olympus).

An all out brawl mode would make for some hectic fun, and not just posing for a new trailer. You know?

Private Matches galore

The Apex Legends Spellbound event is bringing in the much-awaited Private Matches. Located in a brand new section on the main menu, you can now set up your own games.

While there are not a lot of details at this point since Respawn is still keeping the mode under wraps, the rumor mill suggests:

  • Ability to host matches for up to 60 players
  • Sending private invites for matches
  • Tournament-like lobbies

It is a tad disappointing if we cannot host private matches for less amount of players, though Respawn has confirmed they’ve experimented for a long time. There are sure to be updated to this mode later during the year.

New players welcome in Apex 101

The Apex Legends Spellbound has something for brand-new players who are struggling with the game. There’s a new “Welcome Challenges” mode now available within the Firing Range (presumably). In this new addition, you should be able to test each legend and learn more about the gunplay, abilities, and how not to get rolled in Apex Legends.

After completion, you will also gain a unique “Apex 101” badge that is awarded to your profile.

If you are new and want to improve beyond the basics, we at Blazing can hook you up with some of the best coaches in the game. Pros who have mastered both the competitive and flashy moves in Pubs can help you up your game considerably. Check out what we have on offer and get started even today!

Crafter rotation updates and other gameplay changes

As is tradition, a new mode brings about a change in the Apex Legends crafting rotation and Spellbound is no different. We get the Spitfire and Peacemaker back (thanks!) while the C.A.R. and G7 go into the crafter.

Speaking of the G7, it seems like it was doing a little bit too much damage. It received a slight nerf (from 34 down to 32 per shot).

The Prowler, on the other hand, got buffed – now at 15 (was 14) damage.

When it comes to more significant gameplay changes, the Firing range is getting more optimized. No more legends dying when you swap a character (rip). The Sentinel also now fully charges with just one cell – instead of two (again, thank you!) 🙂

You can check all the changes and bug fixes (which are extensive) in Respawn’s official blog post.

So it seems like Spellbound is shaping up to be a much-needed change to the overall Apex Legends experience.

For last we want to mention the rumored experiment Respawn’s been running for the match-making system. Apparently, there was one unnamed region that was experiemented with where players got a shitload of kills and were super happy. We shall see how this pans out for the main game.

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