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Apex Legends is a game of style and bragging rights so of course, characters’ skins (and their inevitable reskins) will always have a place in it. Sadly, as time passed by (the game is 4 years old now), EA forced Respawn into bad practices once again. It seems like the fixation with recolors and reskins for Apex Legends to be in full swing.

Now, we are not against reskins or recolors. After all, some of the coolest skins for weapons and characters have been introduced way back, S1-S4. You cannot easily get those if you’re a new player or have missed one during those events. So, making a collection event or an LTM where you can obtain them sounds reasonable, right? Well, that would’ve been fine if Respawn and EA didn’t take the laziest, most cheap way possible.

Let’s start with the current Celestial Sunrise event. You can obtain some really cool-looking skins for Pathfinder, Octane, Newcastle, and Ash. The issue is, the REAL star of the show is a reactive skin for the PK from the S3 season pass. Now, bear with us – a recolor, for a weapon, which was in the season pass… for $160.

If this was a fluke, we’d understand. A company can test the waters and see what sticks. But it seems EA and Respawn are not getting the message. With 3 new planned events for S16 (which is available in less than 20 days), more bad news! Wraith’s recolored heirloom is coming for, you guessed it – a $160 collection event prize. Players theorized this may be a cool new addition to the game. You know – the ability to re-color your heirloom on the fly? Wouldn’t that be insane? But nope. We get to buy it – and just one color at that. Absolutely horrific.

Recolors, recolors everywhere!

To make matters worse, a slew of old skins and recolors are thrown around again. Of course, some of these have been in the shop several times (like the infamous Wraith-cat skin). But most are just the same-old, same-old stuff we’ve seen 100 times over.

This isn’t our opinion to be fair – it’s the communities. Just take a look at the like-to-dislike ratio to the trailers for the collection events. It’s overwhelmingly negative. YouTube may have tried to hide it, but people are resourceful.


It is a real shame how a great intention to provide more content, turns into this unhealthy practice. Hopefully, Respawn is taking notes and they will alter their course for the following events. Right now, it seems rather bleak, especially if you consider the state of Ranked and how broken parts of the game still are.

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