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We’ve talked about the now-live Apex Legends Collection Event called Spellbound in detail, but not about the issues it brought. Sadly, the curse of the “weak sauce” servers strikes again. Players all over the world are experiencing the dreaded “cannot find server” errors. Many are reporting slow and unresponsive menus, graphical glitches, and just a horde of difficulties in-game.

The sad reality is that many players were looking forward to this event. For one, we’re getting the Seer heirloom before his impending nerf. It looks super cool and many players are already showcasing the unique animations. Again, it is locked behind the $150 paywall so if you think it’s worth it – go for it.


The server issues aside, Control is back and it is really great. We would’ve loved to tell you our impressions but the game is just refusing to obey our pleas. So far, from the 10 matches played, the game had to be either restarted or wait the match to finish to leave. This is just horrific, especially if you want to play Ranked.

A great disappointment is the inclusion of private match lobbies that require over 30 players to set up. Many players were asking for an option where they can just explore the maps and maybe practice. Sadly, the 30-player mark is going to be reserved for popular streamers or people with lots of friends.

Hopefully the Private matches can revive the spark in many Content Creators/Pro players for tournaments and online fun

When it comes to Ranked and the fury of the Comp scene, it seems that Horizon has been finally nerfed. The cries of many a pro were heard over Twitter. Right now, it is still unconfirmed if this is a glitch or a planned nerf that seemed to have been overlooked.

To be more precise, if you now use Horizon’s Q, your aim will go all over the place. No longer snipping from a vantage point with Horizon, sadly.

With all of that being said, have you been playing the new Collection Event? Are you surprised that Spellbound, yet another Apex Legends event is facing issues at launch?


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