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We’re writing this How to Play Horizon guide during a massive turmoil in Apex Legends. So, for the future readers out there, beware 🙂 Horizon has been silently nerfed during the Collection Event “Spellbound.” Her Tactical ability or the Gravity Lift, no longer lets you spray enemies with tight bursts. Your shots go wide and all over the place. We had to preface this guide by stating this. Whether it gets changed or not, keep that in mind. Now, onto the proper introduction of everyone’s favorite Space Mommy.

Go and hug your mom.

Horizon or Dr. Mary Somers is a “Gravitational Manipulator” and one of the best movement legends in Apex. Thanks to her passive “Space Walk”, Horizon can perform super slides from any height or object. She’s been considered Top Tier from the moment she was introduced to the Apex Games.

Playing Horizon is more about movement, however. While she’s utilized by a lot of Pub Stompers and Pros alike, her greatest asset was the Q. We will explain everything there is about this legend and more. But take some things with a grain of salt, especially considering the impending nerf that is (yet) to be confirmed by Respawn.

Starting out as a Horizon newbie

As we noted previously, Horizon is a master at movement. Her abilities make her the ultimate assault legend, and with a little practice, you too can become hard to track/kill:

  • Tactical (Q) – Gravity Lift. You get launched into the air and you can stay up for 10 seconds.
  • Passive – Space Walk. Horizon can easily land and not lose movement speed when falling from heights.
  • Ultimate – Black Hole. Horizon unleashes her N.E.W.T. which pulls players towards it.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack about Horizon’s powers and abilities. The most obvious one that you can practice is her passive. Just spend enough time at the firing range jumping from her Q or from any height to get the hang of it. It is very important since this movement tech is unique to her. Having the ability to easily sidestep or turn into a super slide can mean avoiding death.

Her Q is arguably the most important part of your arsenal. It can help you reach high places, run away from enemies, hide from enemies, and of course – Obi-Wan’s favorite: the high ground. We’ve talked about how important it is to always strive to get there. Horizon’s by default an Obi-Wan follower, because of this.

Last but not least, the importance of her Ultimate. It is arguably amongst the slowest ones in the game so it needs to be used wisely. Clumping it up with a good Fuse or Gibraltar Ult and teams can get erased in seconds.


The hardest part about becoming a Horizon Pro is learning the movement tech. When playing movement legends like Wraith, Octane, or even Valkyre, you always feel like you’re in control. Everything that is happening is by your own design. Not so with Horizon. Especially if you are new to her playstyle, you will find her… slippery. This is because Space Walk makes her very light. Combining this with her Q, you will notice your legend bouncing off left and right.

“Up and away Newty!”

You need to use this to your advantage in every situation. As Horizon, you can always jump and slide further, making it easier to escape and reset. It is tricky trying to explain it in words, BUT, at the firing range and in Pubs, you can practice this. Simply use her Q and practice your landing. The goal is to always land BEHIND something. Going out in the open is for sure going to get you killed fast.

You should also try to combine her movement tech with established tricks like wall jumping or super sliding. You will notice an additional boost when doing these since her “slide” is embedded into her movement. In no time you will see how easy it is to avoid enemy fire and never remain in one place for long.


We cannot speak about How to play Horizon and not mention her positioning. After all, her Q and Ultimate are undeniably TEAM-reliant abilities. How so? Well, you can easily claim the high ground AS a team. You can jump further and chase stragglers TOGETHER. You shouldn’t forget that you will be much harder to snipe if you are climbing UP as a team.

The fact of the matter is, you will get the best results as a Horizon with a class synergy. Any team that has Seer/Fuse/Gibby/Bangalore can easily synergize with a Horizon. The goal is to always have legends that, apart from spamming nades, can throw things into her Ultimate. As an example:

  • Horizon Ult + Gibby’s bombardment
  • Horizon Ult + Fuse’s ring of death
  • Horizon Ult + Bangalore’s Air Strike


All of these can take unaware teams out very quickly. However, you need to be careful – here ult can be broken by the sustained enemy or friendly fire. So, having a synchronized approach is paramount.

As for the Ult itself, you can use it to scare the ever-living crap out of encamped teams. The ult breaks doors and can suck players even behind a wall. Use this to spam nades since they won’t be able to break it.

Last but not least, the defensive use of Horizon’s Q. You can gatekeep teams by placing your Q near doors. Enemies will get ragdolled up or away from your position, making it easy for you to reset or get downed teammates.


Horizon will always remain popular when it comes to playing in Pubs. There’s just no way around it. Her movement coupled with her Q + Ult means for fun and engaging sessions.

In ranked, she’s primarily utilized as the “opener” of a fight. It is, however, wise to use her Q only AFTER you engage. This is because sometimes you will need to reposition fast and losing that option may lead to your team getting wiped out.

Have you tried Horizon in Apex Legends? Do you already main her but are yet unsure how to play Horizon as a pro? Fret not! We’ve got you fam! In our coaching section for Apex Legends, the very best pro coaches are there to up your game. Simply select the hours and what you want to learn and they can teach you, in-game, how to improve as a player.

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