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Here are all the changes in the Apex Legends’ upcoming season 15: Eclipse!

Everything we know so far about the Apex Legends New season 15 “Eclipse”

Season 14 has been one of the shortest seasons in Apex Legends, we await for season 15 to drop with amazing new updates and a long-time rumored new legend “Catalyst”.

As the season 15 Eclipse has just been released, we might also see the new “Nemesis burst rifle” that was removed from season 14 as well as a new moon-themed map added to the game.

The data miners have leaked some parts of the upcoming patches that are loaded with new content that will bring new strategies and experiences to the game.
The upper-mentioned moon-themed map seemingly features the railway, meaning it might bring back the old train as a transportation method that was removed in season 6 and we haven’t seen it since then.
There have been a few tweaks in terms of gun balancing which will be presented in the patch notes below, but mostly, the vast majority of the players are excited for the new legend and the upcoming map that will most likely be featured in season 15.

The new legend

As you might have already heard, the new legend Catalyst is making her way into the game with the upcoming season, with her character model yet to be announced. We already have the description of her skills and the animations of what they might look like when she finally drops. 

Here’s what we know so far:

Passive: Reinforce

Catalyst’s abilities, according to leaks, revolve around the use of ferrofluid, which she can use to create solid, physical structures. This passive ability allows her to make destructible objects close to them take significantly more damage. This includes structures in the world, like doors, as well as placeable objects that other legends put down, like Newcastle’s “Castle Wall”. When Catalyst is near those objects, they’ll withstand more damage before they are destroyed.

Tactical: Ferro Shot

Catalyst’s tactical ability will allow her to create her own structures out of ferrofluid and she can place up to three Ferro Shot structures at a time. These structures resemble ramps and they can be connected to one another to form one long ramp that goes up at a slight incline. Notably, this ability does not need a ground surface to work since Ferro Shot structures can also be used to create platforms that are attached to vertical walls. These Ferro Shot structures can be destroyed by enemy damage, as well as by Catalyst’s own friendly fire. It remains to be seen if teammates can damage friendly Ferro Shot structures.

Ultimate: Iron Tower

This ultimate ability also makes use of Catalyst’s ferrofluid to create a large tower underneath her feet. This ultimate ability serves the dual purpose of creating the cover for Catalyst and her squad, while it also can be used by the squad to boost upward and gain a vertical height advantage or to traverse to even higher ground. Like the Ferro Shot ability, the Iron Tower is also strengthened by Catalyst’s Reinforce passive ability and is another destructible structure. Again, these leaks came when Catalyst was clearly in an early stage of development. The video leaks feature no character model, placeholder character artwork and voice lines, and animations taken from other legends (by the looks of it, Mirage’s animation for sending out decoys for the tactical and Wattson’s animation for placing fences for the ultimate ability). But it seems clear that in this early stage, Catalyst is Respawn’s attempt to introduce a legend to the game that can build structures.

As for now, the character model has not officially been confirmed by Respawn but from the comics and fanarts we get the general idea of what she might look like.
So far the only confirmation we have is her detailed ability description and a leaked low-resolution
image of an icon named after her, but her skill set is sure to bring a new play style and fresh strategies to the game.

Major updates 

As we already mentioned, with the new season we might see a brand new map that has been desired by the community since the first concept art of “Divided Moon” appeared.
The idea is to have a map located on the exploded side of the moon with the debris and huge chunks of the planet just hovering above the atmosphere. The means of transportation might see an update in the face of the railroad system coming back to Apex, as in the early datamined files some train tracks have been spotted around the map. Still, it is officially yet to be confirmed, but the map has been in the works since the previous season and it’s highly anticipated to drop with the Eclipse release in November.

We might also see the new gun on the battlefield – Nemesis. This burst rifle made its appearance back in season 14, but never got released, since they scrapped it the day before the season went live. As players speculated, it might have been because of the balancing issues or they simply reconsidered adding the new gun, because in patch notes for season 14 huge adjustments were made in the gunplay, and seemingly devs tried to encourage players to test the old guns out before dropping the new one that would instantly take the spotlight.
The gun itself looks like a fine addition to the guns of Apex Legends since it’s a burst fire rifle that enables you to automatically go full auto after successfully landing 2-3 burst fire shots and simply annihilate anything that’s on the other end of the barrel. The alpha testing videos of the gun show that the TTK (Time To Kill) of the weapon is amazingly short and can be easily mastered by trained shooters.
The Nemesis rifle will be sure to spice up the battlefield in the Apex Legends new season 15.

Tips to rank up fast in season 14 

Are you still on your climb to predator in the current season? Well, as season 14 is nearing its end, we’ve got you covered on the tested and proven ways of how to make your climb easier by the simple team composition that will change the way you look at some of the overlooked legends.

As to how you should demolish the current meta, we encourage you to try out the team of Crypto, Horizon, and Mad Maggie.
The way this team operates is that Crypto, being the surveillance expert, scans the banners in every circle and is aware of the player count at a 200m distance, which is roughly what you see on the minimap. The key factor of this team is Crypto’s ultimate ability, the EMP that disables all the devices placed by other legends, meaning that the Caustic’s gas canisters and Watson’s traps will be useless against your push. As the EMP gets activated the enemy team is most likely to tower up somewhere and prepare to play defensively against you, that’s where Mad maggies Wrecking ball will come into play and with Horizons ultimate combined, the opposing team will have the least chances of survival against the sheer force of the combined attack. The main tip here would be to have a mindclock, since the new update of the zone made it so the circles hurt more and if the fight drags on you might also be under the threat of being third partied by other teams. However, if you make sure that your fights don’t take more than 1-2 minutes to wipe out enemy squads, you’ll be more than alright, but if the fight lasts longer than that, you might as well consider repositioning and that’s where Horizons skillset will also come in handy. We hope this helps you to reach the desired rank a little easier and have more consistent wins.

Good luck out there Legends and see you in Apex Legends’ new season 15. 

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