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Apex Legends has been in a lot of controversies lately, so it needed a huge “W” which Respawn just deliverit in the form of a DDOS protection. What is it this and how does it affect me, you may ask? Well, it’s a real plague for highly skilled players, who are either Diamond, Master, or Predator level.

The game itself is infested with hackers and DDOS attackers. What they do is basically cripple the server they’re playing on, making the game unplayable. The enemy players suffer major lags, the game is literally unresponsive and the server kicks them. This results in a severe penalty loss for everyone in the lobby (except for the DDOS-er). Predators and other high-level enthusiasts have been crying their hearts out for some change.

Back in S10 when Respawn introduced the “re-join a match” if your connection or server dropped, we thought it got solved. But nope. The issue persisted to this day. However, if the latest posts are to be believed, the company has managed to solve this burning issue.


The basic gist is that players on high-ranked lobbies will now have a small icon next to their server. If the lock is there, it means they’re protected from a DDOS-related RP loss. So, no longer will there be -150 RP for a failed match. It should bring happiness to a lot of pro players and Twitter is already abuzz with the positive news.

A struggle in the direction

Of course, this comes at a very opportune time for the company. Respawn has been under fire lately for their shady practices of the re-skin fiasco and trying to re-sell a $160 recolor of an S3 battlepass Peacekeeper. Not to mention, the already planned recolor of Wraith’s heirloom.

It is a constant struggle with Apex – Respawn goes two steps back and one step forward.

Hopefully, when S16 comes out, we’ll be getting some more good news. There’s still a lot of balancing to be done, perhaps a new gun and a bit more transparency when it comes to these horrible recolor collection events.

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