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One of the lengthiest of Lost Ark grinds is the Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome without a doubt. Lost Ark is notorious for having in-game grinds that take months and even years to complete. The Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome is sort of a journal that keeps track of your progress throughout the continents in-game.

The content that is tracked through the Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome is:

  • The unique monsters you’ve killed
  • The Vistas you have visited
  • Another story you have completed
  • Hidden stories you have completed
  • NPCs you have maxed out relations
  • Main quests you have completed
  • Dungeons you have cleared
  • Local foods that you have cooked
  • Local collectibles you have found

Out of these, the most challenging ones are by far the NPCs that you’ve maxed out relations with and the local food that you have cooked. It can take up to several years to complete if you do it without taking help from guides or other sources. But even the other options like the vistas and killing unique monsters take a considerable amount of time without any guides or outside help.

Why should you complete Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome?

You can gain a lot by completing Adventurer’s Tome for various continents in Lost Ark. To name a few of them, you can get

  • Masterpieces
  • Secret Maps
  • Skill Point Potions
  • Consumables such as HP potions
  • Stronghold Structures that increase crafting speed or reduces crafting costs
  • Cards
  • Ignea tokens

You can get Masterpieces, Secret Maps, Skill Point Potions, cards, etc. by completing Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome for different continents, to various degrees. Fully completing a continent’s Adventurer’s Tome rewards you with an Ignea Token, one of the most prestigious collectibles in the game.

While most of the rewards do not directly increase your combat stats, Skill Point Potions that you can get directly or indirectly through Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome impacts your DPS and HPS directly. You can either get it directly through several continents’ Adventurer’s Tome completion rewards for various percentages, or you can get it indirectly through the other completion rewards such as Masterpieces or Sea bounties that you get through the Adventurer’s Tome.

What are the skill point potions?

In Lost Ark, skill levels are tied to the character level. At character level 50, you can upgrade every skill to 10 levels. Once your character reaches level 55, you can upgrade your damage-dealing skills further to level 11. Upon reaching character level 60, you can upgrade your damage-dealing skills to 12(and utility skills to level 10). Level 11 upgrade grants a rough 10% damage increase meanwhile level 12 upgrade grants a 5% damage increase. So as you can see, skill points are very important for your character’s damage throughput. The only way to gain skill points is by leveling and obtaining skill point potions.

Skill point potions are in-game items that increase your maximum skill points by 3 (normal skill point potion) or 6 (greater skill point potion). It is not possible to max out your skills without collecting those skill point potions from collectibles, such as Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome.

What are some of the prestigious rewards from Adventurer’s Tome?

While other collectibles such as Masterpieces, Secret Maps, Mokoko Tokens, and Island souls have very cool and prestigious rewards; it is safe to say that you can acquire one of the most prestigious titles and perhaps the most prestigious mount by completing Adventurer Tomes for 11 and 13 continents respectively. To put into perspective, there are currently 14 continents in our version of the game; so completing 13 continents is by no means an easy task and the road to this elegant mount is riddled with sweat and blood. Golden Terpeion:

Lost ark adventurer's tome reward Golden Terpeion
Golden Terpeion

What is a Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Boost?

To put it simply, a “boost” means helping or completing that task on your behalf. Boosts can be done in two ways:

1) Account Sharing
2) Selfplay

Account sharing, as the name suggests, involves sharing your credentials with our professional boosters and allowing them to complete the task on your behalf. On the other hand, selfplay boosts DO NOT involve any account sharing at all and they are done by playing along with the boosters. In that regard, selfplay boosts are only possible for tasks/services where you can play with the booster in a party(and actually benefit from being in a party).

Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Boost is done through account sharing as it requires your character to complete various tasks and contents by itself. While account sharing is generally not as safe as selfplay, in Lost Ark specifically there aren’t any issues with the account sharing services at all.

Why should you buy a Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Boost?

As time goes by, the average age of the people who are playing games naturally increases. Those who have once their whole afternoon after their school to play video games now find themselves entangled with the business of the real world, the responsibilities, and the very families of their own.

But the itch to play the game with your friends, raid with them or spend hours in PVP trying to get some frags is always there and it won’t go anywhere until we die. The amount of people who define gaming as their favorite post-work hobby is increasing at an unprecedented speed.


It is still undeniable that you simply might not have the amount of time you used to have as a kid or as a teenager due to the aforementioned reasons. But your desire to play with your friends on the cutting-edge content or just do whatever is fun and skip the boring grinds never goes away. After all, who enjoys having to do stuff that is simply not fun?

Stuff like having to grind for hours for days before you simply get to do the raid that everyone else has been doing for months, or having to put up with extremely toxic or negative players because everyone else already has their teams and whatnot. And this snowball effect just grows and grows to the point that playing the game just isn’t for you. Only being able to do the chores to keep your character relevant and not having enough time left to do the actual content is a serious problem. This is especially true for MMORPGs, such as Lost Ark.

Helps professional players earn a living

At the same time, there are also players that can still play the game for hours and want to make money off of it. This is the supply. And busy gamers such as yourself are the demand. Websites are simply the gathering points for the supply and the demand. In this simple equation, professional players can make a living out of their abilities on video games; busy gamers like yourselves get to skip the boring grinds and play the game you love while doing the activities you enjoy; not the ones you have to.

Websites such as ours are simply the governing bodies, we make sure that there is regulation, professionalism, and proper customer support in this ever-growing business. Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Boosts like Punika Adventurer’s Tome and the others are a really good example of the boring grind.

You need to complete the Adventurer’s Tomes for various regions in Lost Ark to have a decent character, but for the most part, it’s boring, repetitive, and the textbook definition of what a grind is. So by purchasing a Lost Ark Adventurer’s Tome Boost, you can skip all of it and enjoy having an outstanding character.

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