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What do we offer?

Why should you go for an Apex Legends coaching service? We all know how easy Apex is to take on and how hard it is to master it. From its micro and macro mechanics, gunplay, and overall game knowledge to individual player skill, there are many factors that define who’s the winner at the end of the match and who’s sent back to the lobby. 

In other words, Apex Legends has a lot to offer. And just like any Esports game, it is super competitive and has a high skill ceiling. 

Are you looking to improve your overall gameplay? 

Are you aiming to climb the ranked ladder? 

Is there any specific emblem that you are after? 

Or are you simply looking for professionals to queue up with and learn from? 

In any case, on all of the above and even more, we’ve got you covered! 

With Blazing, you can learn from the best Apex Legends players and have fun! Play with our coaches, try our courses, have a pro watch you live as you play, and MUCH more!

We offer you protection and transparency, as your safety is a priority for BlazingBoost. First of all, we encourage and promote 100% safe services such as Selfplay and Coaching. If you choose an account-sharing service, we ensure to use all the necessary protection methods if we are aware of any risk. We will be proactive and inform you beforehand.


We check every player who works with us thoroughly.

Our players must:

1 – Sign a contract and verify their real-life identity

2 – Show us high-quality work completed in the past in this market

3 – Pass a series of entry tests

4 – Achieve good results during our continuous tests every few weeks.

Every test is masked as a real Apex Legends coaching order with a real customer.

In the end, if everything goes well, we pay the player for the completed service.

With this system, we do our best to work with the most elite players available in the market!

We always make sure that your account is in good hands! 

Our services vary from hardcore coaching like practicing different playstyles, gunplay, mastering specific legends, and learning new mechanics of the game to climbing to a certain rank, having the desired emblems and badges unlocked, or just simply having fun playing with the elite players. 

Why Blazing for Apex Legends Coaching? 

As to why you should pick us, what we can say is that With 10 years of experience in the gaming business, BlazingBoost has been around since 2012 and it can be the best choice for your in-game needs. Not only in Apex legends, but in many other games as well. We work on a wide variety of games and platforms on which you can play. We even cover the titles like Destiny 2 and World of Warcraf. And during these years we’ve improved and expanded, our Trustpilot page speaks for us on that as we are extremely proud to have helped thousands of busy gamers who wanted to stay competitive, or players who wanted to achieve higher gaming goals.

With us, You can skip boring grinds or you can play with the best and improve.

Even if there’s something you can’t find in the services that we provide, you can always send us the service request. We have a team of professionals who process specific service requests. They analyze them and give us the terms and the estimated time of completion to negotiate. 

Simply speaking, whatever you need regarding the game, we provide! 

Regarding Apex, our most demanded service is usually coaching.

Any Apex Legends Coaching service works in a way where we put one or two professional players at your disposal (regularly a master or predator player) from our roster and put you in touch with them. You’ll have the opportunity to choose whether you’d like to play, both Battle Royale or Arena. 

Our goal here will be to let our PROs teach you everything you need to become a better player in the game. So everything will be tailored to your needs, and the service itself will be customized around your personal experience.

With us customer support is also a key factor, we sell a positive and enjoyable experience, not only the gaming service itself! Our supporters are gamers who play and know the game they support.

We are available at every point of the day, throughout the year so you can feel free to contact us anytime you like and we’ll be there for you! 

Read more about Apex Legends on our blog! Check out Apex Legends coaching services on Blazing Boost!

Blazing Boost is a website founded in 2012 by a group of high-ranked players in World of Warcraft. With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high-quality service at the best possible price.
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