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A game that contains almost 20 different classes, Lost Ark can be quite overwhelming for new players, hence our class overview. We will be going through each and every class and their distinct specializations, mentioning their play style, role in the end-game, and why you should end up using them.

One thing we need to get out of the way is that as in any MMO, the “real” game starts at the end game. This means that even if you choose a class based on appearance and coolness factor, things are sure to change at the raid/PvP level. With that in mind, Lost Arc promotes class diversity (i.e. each class brings its own assortment of buffs and debuffs for the group), so you may end up playing support or a healer if the group requires it.

Since the game’s been out for quite a while in Korea, the version we Westerners play is very polished and balanced.

Thanks to the game’s engine, the fights are glorious from the moment you start to the very end game. Falcon-PUNCH!


The only heavy-armor, giant-ass-weapon-wielding types. Exclusively male (for some reason), warriors can be 4 classes that consequently, all look ridiculous. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t whoop some serious ass.

  • Berserker: most agile, a fair bit tanky (not as much as the others though) warrior class that is excellent at dealing damage. Has the best AoE (can be taken out if not careful since their best attacks need time to charge). Berserkers are very mobile and can provide an insane burst against giant enemies and bosses.
  • Paladin: the melee and medium-range support. Uses a 1h sword + book, and his primary purpose is to heal/support the group. While leveling, the Paladin can do a lot of damage but his role is recommended for group use. That is why he’s not the best class to start off with.
  • Gunlancer: the most anime of the classes. It’s a dude in heavy armor with a shield and a lance that shoots projectiles. Oh, he’s a tank as well. He can taunt, and moves super slow but can take a lot of punishment. Basically the OG tank in Lost Ark (can absorb damage for the group as well). As a tank, you need to be well aware of your group’s positioning and the bosses’ abilities so you can interrupt / support your DPS / healer.
  • Destroyer: appropriately named for a dude that fights with a hammer so big, it can be used as a freaking cinderblock. His gameplay revolves around mastering gravitational forces. This translates to pull enemies towards you, stunning enemies, or unleashing giant boulders. Also hitting things with your giant hammer super hard. Like, earth-shatteringly hard.
We don’t think there’s a situation that dire that justifies the ridiculousness of that hammer

Martial Artist

For the melee brawlers at heart, these classes are for you. Utilizing fist weapons, super-fast combos, and aoe damage that will make your head spin, the Martial artists are a sight to behold:

  • Wardancer: great at mobility, super short cooldowns to dish out damage (very bursty), buffs the group with crit chance, very reliant on good positioning (can be one-shot)
    Striker: male version of Wardancer (excellent mobility, low cooldowns for abilities with high dmg output), very squishy if caught off guard
  • Scrapper: slower + more powerful version of the Wardancer (charged-up moves and combos that deal significantly more damage). Can be easily caught in a bad spot but luckily, it is much better armored and prepared for receiving hits than the Striker and Wardancer. Balancing the “Chi” (resource generator/spender) is how you master the class. Great at end-game content due to lots of interrupts / staggers for bosses and aoe groups.
  • Soulfist: melee / ranged DPS (one of the most rounded classes). Super unique since it evokes the DragonBall Z vibes (anything from the Kamehameha to those energy blasts and of course, the Spirit Bomb). Offer group buffs that reduce cooldowns for the groups in end-game content.
  • Glaiver: Utilizing her signature Glavine and a long Spear, this class switches between two stances. While primarily a melee fighter, thanks to the length of her weapons, the Glavier can actually engage her targets from afar. She has powerful-charged-up abilities that can get her close to her foes, dealing huge AoE damage. She’s excellent at closing the distance to her enemies but is a bit squishy if caught in a bad position.
Yeah… we have no idea what happened here either.


The ranged aficionados will delight in this next class. Talk about a variety – bows, guns, shotguns, rockets, drones… you name it! It is honestly a little humbling how much variety is packed here:

  • Gunslinger: wields dual pistols, shotgun and a sniper rifle. You will need to switch between each weapon type depending on the distance. Lots of mobility + the option to attack from a great range, making yourself easily avoidable from enemy fire. What is difficult about playing a Gunslinger is the constant switching between the 3 weapons and the abilities associated with them.
  • Dead Eye: a male Gunslinger (same weapons though specialization is with shotguns – i.e. being in melee range).
  • Artillerist: the most unique class in the game thanks to the gun that can be 1. gun 2. rocket launcher 3. flamethrower. Almost melee range + prolonged + having to setup/charge up is countered by the most AOE damage per class with some insane stagger/stun abilities.
  • Sharpshooter: specializes in bow usage, very good mobility and burst, a ton of AoE but very, very squishy. Hence, playing from a distance is recommended. The Sharpshooter has a pet (hog) that he can summon to aid him in battle.
  • Machinist: Arguably the most fun new addition to the Gunner class is the Ironman-like Machinist. This high-tech specialist uses a drone as his companion. He has high-tech weaponry like 2hand rifles or 1h uzies which he wields to obliterate enemies. His playstyle revolves around having his drone launch missiles at enemies for huge damage or getting up close and staggering enemies with devastating speed. Oh and he looks super badass while playing.
“If you can read this you are <BOOOOOOOOM>”


We continue our Lost Ark class overview with the hallmark in fantasy tropes – the mage. A female-only bunch, the mage class has 4 very varied specializations. Let’s have a closer look at their focuses, which cover AoE, support, and group-buffs:

  • Bard: magic singers who excel at group support or stunning enemies and damaging them with their lutes and singing. As support, Bards can heal and buff their allies with attack speed or damage reduction spells. Do take into consideration that the bard gameplay consists of constantly utilizing music notes in your spell casting. So it can either help you vibe with it or pull you out of the game completely so make sure to check it beforehand.
  • Sorceress: the basic mage archetype wielding frost, lightning, and fire. Super powerful at AoE and Single Target DPS but can be one shot if caught off guard.
  • Arcanist: while most of the classes tend to use staves, lutes, or songs, the Arcanist uses… cards. Her ability to literally pull a screeching demon from her deck is phenomenal. Arrayed for medium to long-range combat, this class is excellent at both AoE and ST. As an advanced mage class, she requires a bit more skill to be able to support the group in high-end dungeons and raids.
  • Summoner: the principal creature handlers. These mighty mages can bring forth devastating attacks in the form of the known elements (a giant fiery or ice spear, for instance). They are a bit slow and can take time to properly set up, BUT, thanks to their pets they can have some respite. Excellent for long-range support and offering tons of useful buffs to the raid group.
We can think of several reasons why you should choose mage as your preferred class… one more favorable than all others though.


The Assassins are the devious bunch, using stealth, poison, and a slew of deadly abilities to destroy their foes. While nearly as fast as the Wardancer, the classes here have something unique to make them stand out:

  • Shadowhunter: melee DPS with some ranged abilities that can be great for utilizing its mobility. The unique aspect is the demonic spirit that is summoned when casting some of the abilities that buff the damage of the Shadowhunter. Very squishy but can easily escape and attack from afar if things get dicey.
  • Deathblade: utilizes swords to quickly damage opponents (is great overall for it brings speed and damage buffs for the group in-end game content).
  • Reaper: a dual-wielding dagger assassin, the Reaper excels at confusing the foe by creating Shadow Doubles and going invisible. Her abilities revolve around getting behind the foe and unleashing a ton of damage for either AoE or ST. Quite squishy but can counter by either vanishing or using her shadow double.
So, hear us out: they have blades and they bring DEATH! Pretty inspired, right? Right?

We arrive at the end of our Lost Ark class overview. There’s sure a lot of digest but it should give you ample chance to consider your choice of class. With 2023 looming close, there are several new classes announced already but we will be covering those shortly. Stay tuned!

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