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Lightfall is arguably the most divisive Destiny 2 expansion. It has an amazing game changing updates and options yet horrible and inconsistent story bits. Neomuna looks amazing yet is empty. Oh, and the last boss in the Lightfall campaign, Calus is actually quite hard for many people so some players found a way how to cheese the entire fight.

The clip we’re going to share with you on how to cheese the fight is intended for the Legend Campaign. It is also intended for players who want to solo the encounter. Let’s be clear here – cheesing an encounter is NOT the same as cheating. This is on the devs that made it there. Plus, since the fight has two stages, you’d be hard-pressed to achieve both states (the behind-the-stairs jump and the jump on the other platform) as you will see.

So, the cheese of Calus in Lightfall or how to do it isn’t a walk in the park¬† It requires good coordination and movement, and for you to have a good set of weapons to damage Calus before getting overwhelmed.

The amazing @Esoterickk is the guy behind the cheese. He’s known to the Destiny community for his cheesing exploits from way back when Destiny 1 was around. He’s back at it again, and this time it is Calus. You can check the video below with detailed steps on how you can cheese the fight and defeat Calus.

For those of you who have already defeated him, how did you find the fight? Was it truly a harrowing experience? Did you cheese it, played in a group, or had to “git good” to finish the campaign? Do you think he should’ve been tougher, especially considering his consistent lore and rumored psionic might?

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