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Lost Ark is planning to expand and dominate the ARPG MMO market in 2023, with a slew of planned updates and content. There are some exciting new additions we will be mentioning today – from the Witcher collaboration to the new raid.

Currently, Arkesia has already received the new Summoner Advanced Class, the Brelshaza Legion Raid on Normal difficulty and some holiday-themed updates. This is just a preview of the content that is to arrive at Lost Ark in 2023.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Witcher comes to Lost Ark in 2023

Fans of (arguably) the greatest action RPG ever made, The Witcher, should get excited about their favorite characters are poised to appear in Lost Ark. Ciri has transported some of her compatriots to the land of Arkesia and the players need to aid them!

A duo that is welcome in any world, especially in Arkesia

This event brings a bunch of fabulous cosmetics, items, and more to the store, all inspired by our favorite monster hunter. We ain’t going to lie – this is the coolest thing ever. Seeing Geralt and Ciri in Lost Ark is a freaking treat!

Alongside the Witcher-themed content, there will be updates to the overall gameplay:

  • general improvements to the guild systems,
  • guild PvP,
  • Una’s tasks,
  • fixed bugs and tooltip issues.

The event has been live in Korea for more than a month now but, you can expect the update to go live on Western servers this very month!

Anniversary Celebration is in order

February marks the exact 1 year of Lost Ark’s release in the West. To mark the occasion, a whole new continent is being added to the game called Rowen. It is a forgotten kingdom that thrived on its use of crimson jewels.

The mission is to explore this mysterious place and plunder its riches, but take heed – there are others there already thinking to do the same. You will need an ilevel of 1445 to begin the world quest. While at it, you will also need to choose an allegiance from the two different factions warring in Rowen:

  • Preigeli – machine-bound ex-mercs who think that the red jewels were the ultimate downfall for the Roven kingdom and want to control everything
  • Libertane – opposing the “control good, arr” are the pirates and mages of Libertane. This faction thinks that control is what actually led to the downfall of their kingdom

This faction selection is tied to the continent’s secondary (or primary, if you’re a PvPer) objective. Rowen is going to a giant world-pvp zone where players can fight between each other for the control of viable zones.

There are 15 tier levels which you can level up through while PvPing in the zone. You get XP from killing players, doing weekly and daily quests, etc. This is all a grand preparation for what comes in March…

TULBIK Battlefield and ARtist ADvanced Class

Once you have reached Faction Rank 5 (with whichever faction you deemed worthy) and have an ilevel of 1490, you can queue in for the Tulubik Battlefield. This is a brand new PvP activity which is crazy big in scope. 48 vs 48 format with a ton of objectives (capture and hold, compete and other), where you battle players from the opposite faction.

“Come closer. I want to see your reflection in my giant sword!”

This mayhem consists of two modes:

  • Regular: 48v48 lobbies
  • Friendly: followed by the regular, if there are more than 40 players left in the queue

There will also be several mentioned balancing changes and added events. Last but not least, there will be a 3rd Arkpass!

Hanumatan Guardian and BRelshaza (hard-mode) raids

Before we talk about the new Hard-mode for Brelshaza’s raid, let’s mention the new Solar Guardian Hanumatan. This ancient guardian has awoken and sees humanity’s reckless use of power as a danger to Arkesia. He plans to destroy everything if not stopped, hence, the raid on in his domain.

The raid is set at level 1540 and players will be able to gain Ancient accessories when they defeat Hanumatan.

Harambe’s memory lives on in Lost Ark’s new raid

The same ilevel is required for The Phantom Legion Commander in her 8-player Legion Raid on Hard Mode. We are talking a selection of new gear & accessories, all of Ancient quality. There will be 6 gates in total, starting from 1540 ilevel requirement.

Are you looking forward to playing Lost Ark 2023? What are your thoughts on the planned updates?

Just so you know, we haven’t mentioned the new class arriving in April – the Artist (which is an Advanced class). We plan on writing a more in-depth introduction as more information is being funneled and made available for prospective players.

If you are new to Lost Ark and want to know more about the world and how it plays, check out our noob-friendly intro here: 

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