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What’s it about?

The Season of Plunder officially began on Tuesday, 23rd of August at the reset (19:00 CET), and with it came a fresh new Pirate theme, unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

The season is finally bringing with it some much-needed attention to core members of the huge cast of Destiny 2. The very notorious Drifter (depending on your love for Gambit) will be the main NPC you interact with for the Season of Plunder, as he is most familiar with the shore and its inhabitants. Next, we have an old friend, Spider, who will be our seasonal vendor. Lastly, we have Mithrax, along with a new face, Eido (his daughter).

The season seems to revolve around the escape of Eramis from her ice prison. Finally, we’re getting some follow-up to the end of the Beyond light story with Eramis being the main antagonist of this season. This time around she doesn’t seem to be driven by hatred for the Traveler, but rather seems to only want the best for her people and the safety of her own kin. It leads me to believe that there is potential for her to become similar to Caital in a way, it’s not impossible as now we have a common foe to fight against. She might be in our aid by Lightfall.

The new season has obvious hints at pirates in every aspect of it. I’m talking blunderbusses, flintlocks, captain outfits, fighting on top of pirate ships, and looking for hidden treasure. It’s in fact “a pirate’s life for me”.

What to do in the Season of plunder?

There’s an abundance of new activities that all link together to give you more to do in the Season of Plunder. The first one I’ll start with is Ketchcrash. Ketchcrash as the name implies is a “crash” between two ketches (sailing boats) or in Destiny 2, a 6-player activity that will have you ready your crew and fight off the impending threat. There’s plenty of crew to choose from with each of them having unique buffs for you in battle.

The crew is obtained by further upgrading the Star Chart. It works the same as the Wartable and Crown of Sorrow, by completing seasonal challenges in the given weeks you will earn more material to upgrade the Star Chart with. Additionally, with the crew, it will also give you focusing/upgrades. This appears to be the new system they have decided to go with for all upcoming seasons and honestly it’s a great step in the right direction.

Once you’ve fended off the invading ships’ combatants from your ketch you will become the ammunition, launching yourself like a cannonball over to the enemy’s ketch. There you will proceed to slaughter the enemy, destroying their ketch from the inside, and finally upon reaching the deck of the ship you will have an all-out battle with a boss where you will ultimately end up slaying it and claiming the bounty.

The activity drops an assortment of new weapons and armor, as well as treasure map fragments that will be important later.

Ketchcrash also has a Master mode, similar to how it was with Wellspring, only this time instead of having to play through the whole campaign, you can launch it straight away, but with a recommended power of 1600, it will be a few days/weeks before we can start doing them competently.

Next up there’s Expeditions, a 3-player activity, which is the second activity on our list. In order to start an Expedition, you need to have an active Treasure Map which you can craft using the map fragments you received from Ketchcrash. It’s a perfect segway into the following activity similar to what was the case with Battlegrounds and Hammer Charges. It’s nice to see they haven’t strayed too far from the formula.

Now I hear you, “Another public event to push the cart, with the addition of throwing orbs at it? How original” and you are very right. Yet again we have a seasonal activity that involves various public event mechanics. However, the bright side is that we receive great rewards from it. I’m sure that with time it will become dull and repetitive, as does every seasonal activity at some point. On the other hand, we don’t yet know what the future of the activity will bring.

For the moment we can only craft basic treasure maps that give us the bare minimum. Solely off of that, we know there will be better treasure maps in the weeks to come.

Lastly, there are Pirate Hideouts. Once we’ve dug up the treasure at the end of our expedition we find out the location of the head honcho. It’s a weekly activity so the bosses will rotate most likely each week. It very much resembles a Lost Sector in every sense of the word. Kill the boss, grab the loot, and get out. Very straightforward and nothing we haven’t seen before. Of course, it’s another way to get the new loot.

All of the Season of Plunder activities are necessary in order to obtain the new seal that was introduced under the name “Scallywag” with a title by the same name.

In conclusion

While I don’t feel that the season will be as exciting as the previous one was, it still deserves a fair chance and hopefully, the story will carry the entire thing. You can live out your best pirate life, so give it a try!

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