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With Destiny 2;s Lightfall nearing ever closer, Bungie released a trailer for the new guns and gear we will wield in the game. The expansion is relying heavily on its synth and cyber themes, and the weapons are following suit.

The trailer itself shows but a glimpse of what we’ll be getting. Hopefully, the rest of the items we can grind for will be just as exciting.

Let’s have a closer look:

Final Warning

This new hand cannon is a great new addition to everyone’s favorite one-shot, one-kill aficionados. The gun seems to borrow heavily from Titanfall 2’s overpowered Smart Pistol. What this means is you can charge up shots and each will follow its target. The more you hold the trigger, the larger the number of chargers to be sent.

Deterministic Chaos

This rifle is likely inspired by Daft Punk’s approach to making music – punchy and explosive. It provides players with a sort of “rhythm” to their shooting. In less obnoxious terms, it means every 4th and 16th shot you get a debuff. The first weakens enemies and the second makes them explode. The key is nailing down the right track so you can do massive aoe to trigger the explosion.

Crytarachne’s Facade

This impossible-to-pronounce armor piece is going to be a sniper’s favorite. What it does is provide a new buff called Flinch Resistance, when you use the grapple. If you didn’t know already, Lightfall will be big on flinging yourself around, and this armor takes advantage of it.

Basically, you gain a shield that doesn’t make your shots stray if you get hit by something. So, aim right and aim true to line their headshots!

Abeyant Leap

This one is for the Titans and it provides a great addition to the Barricade. Once deployed, it will spawn Lashes. Now, these are actual homing-like missiles that hit hard and can damage enemies.

Quicksilver Storm

This item is used to buff grenades. When you throw them, the new offensive item called Tangle gets spawned. These are powerful, bomb-like items that can be thrown at enemies for devastating effect.


This Warlock-bound item is intended to use to summon seeking enemies from the above-mentioned Tangles. Simply destroying the Tangle will create Threadlings. These will go around and explode upon contact with enemies, flinging them around and causing massive damage.

“Look – no hands!”


Bungie saved the best for last. This melee, um, trident (?) summons huge frozen orbs that can freeze enemies solid. You can then quickly eliminate them either from a distance or up close.

What do you think of the Lightfall guns and gear so far? Which one is your favorite? Give us a thought in the comments!

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