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What is the Festival of the Lost?

The Festival of the Lost is an annual event in Destiny 2 surrounding Halloween. That’s right, it’s a spooky season. Grab your masks and get ready to start farming, because Bungie has something in store for us.

Festival of the Lost like every other event in the game comes with an event-specific activity. Similar to what we had with Solstice earlier this year it will undergo an overhaul. It will be one of the necessary events to finish the Reveler seal.

The Festival of the Lost event starts on the 18th of October 2022. and as of now we still don’t have too much information on it. Just like for the Solstice event I’ll make some educated guesses and try to assess the known information.

What has changed?

The most notable of changes is that Bungie is going to introduce another Event Pass like they did for Solstice. This system got a lot of negative backlash for the previous event. The rewards were disappointing and they locked certain rewards behind the pass itself.

Introducing yet another public event-like activity to the game and making it feel tiresome to grind. For solstice we had an incentive to farm for best in slot armor, this time around there’s a great PvP sniper to chase.

What makes this sniper so good? It’s an intrinsic perk of course. Bungie has really been pushing out some great intrinsic perks lately. First, we got “Runneth Over”, a free overflow when standing near allies.

Now we have “Search Party”.

“This weapon is granted faster aim down sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are near.”

Source: light.gg

There’s no way it’s this good! Do we get free Snapshot Sights and Moving Target? All it’s missing now is a reload perk and Opening Shot… oh wait. WE DO HAVE THEM!

This gun has everything, Perpetual Motion, Clown Cartridge, Auto Loading, No Distractions, Opening Shot and the list just goes on. If that wasn’t enough, it can also roll with Snapshot Sights and Moving Target. I can’t emphasize enough how impressive this gun sounds on paper, but let’s see if it holds up in-game.

We still don’t know if there will be a new activity to go with the overhaul. There is however speculation surrounding it.

What’s coming back from the previous Festival of the Lost?

Masks. We are most definitely getting new masks to play around with and roleplay with. We will be getting back the Halloween candy which is a way for us to buy even more of the sniper rolls.

We’re getting even more Ghost Shells, Ships, Sparrows, Emotes, and a lot more cosmetics along with a nice new Ornament set themed around mechs. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that loot and see what sticks with me.

The possible return of the Haunted Lost Sectors we saw last season. It wasn’t the greatest of successes but it was definitely something fun to do. Possibly the Haunted Forest if we’re lucky. But whatever it is it has to come with a lot more content in order to fill up the event pass.

I hope they incorporate some of the Nightmares from the previous season to spice things up a bit. Possibly some around the Tower even, who knows.

While on the topic of the Tower, we’re sure to see some changes to its appearance to match the theme of the festival. The spooky aesthetic is definitely one of my favorites and I hope they focus on the bit of creepiness that comes with it.

Personal thoughts on the Festival of the Lost

In all honesty, the event feels like it’s going to be a lot of fun, followed by a lot of grinding. Eventually, the activity, whichever it is will start to feel repetitive and if it takes longer to get the sniper roll it will feel stale and boring.

To avoid that from happening I highly recommend taking some time away from farming to enjoy the social aspect of it. Chasing the title and triumphs is something to work towards, but it’s not the only fun you can have with the event. 

Once you get that sniper roll, get ready to become the king or queen of PvP, because I can guarantee this thing takes off heads. All the while emanating the glory of the Gambit man himself Germaine Dredgen Todd the Drifter.

Have fun with the event and enjoy your time. If you wanna have all of the fun and none of the grind, why not try out some of our services. As of a few days ago, we have brand new Festival of the Lost 2022 services up on our website.

You can check them out here!

Happy hunting guardian and see you out there!

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