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Lightfall is here and for many Destiny 2 fans, this is the best / worst expansion to date. We won’t argue the validity of these claims – we’re here to help you out if you’re stuck. Yes, many a player has reportedly failed to defeat Calus on legend difficulty, who is (spoilers, hah) the last boss in the campaign.

We’ve already shared an article if you’re super lazy and want to cheese the fight. This time, however, we want to show you how to defeat Calus the old fashion way – by “getting gud!”

To be fair, Calus is no walk in the park. He hits hard, summons ads (including 2 Tormentors), and can be quite intimidating, especially since the the fight lasts 2 phases during which you can die by falling into a pit. That is actually the biggest threat – not the Tormentor ads, not the boss himself but the damned pit. In Phase 2, Calus forsakes his gun and tries to melee stab you. Instead, you get thrown off the platform or into something that kills you instantly. You DO NOT want to end up like that.

Preparation and going in

Let’s start with the obvious: to engage Calus you will need a minimum of 1720 power level on Legendary. You can do this solo or in a group of 3. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages so let’s run through them quickly.

If you go, Solo, Calus has less health, the Tormentors can be more easily sniped and the trash is, well… trash. However, one simple mistake will cause you to die. A lot. Many fans of Destiny 2 are complaining that the encounter is just punishing that way. This mistake can be getting knocked back enough from Calus’s AOE to be fought by a Tormentor. Another is to be simply thrown off the fighting platforms – over and over and over again.

Luckily, you will be able to pick up Strand before the encounter. This is a MUST if you want to retain your sanity and do this fight legit. Equip the grapple and savor its energy for when you have to move out of the way or swing to another platform. Movement is key here – you can even ignore the Tormentors and just kill the trash/focus on Calus.

Make sure to always utilize cover and move out of the way with the Grapple. It is always better to remain in the upwards platforms since they provide the best cover.

Damaging Calus and going in for the kill

Arbalest, which is a Linear Exotic Fusion Rifle is one of the recommended weapons you can use to kill Calus. Since he has his over shield, this exotic from The Forsaken Expansion can instantly disable it. The fight becomes so much easier this way since you can damage him to P2 very quickly.

If you’re out of luck and don’t have this gun, anything with high damage will do. Just make sure to save up on the heavy ammo so you can blast Calus in P2.

“Say hello to my little friend!”

One way to secure victory is to BURST down Tormentors once they spawned. Another is to ignore them completely and just swing out of their reach and just shoot Calus. Continue take cover and just avoid the Boss’s AOE.

A wave of trash spawns at the beginning and a following on doesn’t appear until Calus’s on 50% HP. Once this happens, the fight becomes more intense. The platform you’re fighting gets smaller and Calus and his ads rush you and want to clubber you (or push you off the platform). Use the grapple points to quickly move around and try head shotting Calus for maximum damage.

It shouldn’t take long as a solo. When in a group, assign one player to be “chased’ while the others burst the Tormentors and the Boss down.

If you want to complete this encounter, we hope to have given you enough tips to get encouraged you to try again. If not, well, we can always help you out with our Blazing Pros. These players have mastered the encounter and can show you, first hand how it is done. Simply visit the page and let us help you out!

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