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Destiny 2’s Lightfall is out and the new raid called Root of Nightmares will be out on the 10th of March – hence, our advanced guide should prepare you for it. Don’t get us wrong – any new raid is going to be difficult. But, if we judge by the changes made in Lightfall, it is sure to be a real doozy.

We won’t fault you if you don’t know the specifics for the Root of Nightmares raid – after all, this guide’s only purpose is to prepare you for it. Plus, you’re probably still neck deep in the campaign and what’s happening with the Witness.

Like any Destiny 2 raid, this is a 6 player endeavor where you will have to master your wits and gear to beat the incoming Darkness. Bungie promises something very challenging, with awards that should entice any Guardian out there.

Rest assured that once this article’s finished, you will know what to expect, how to prepare, and why you should 100% be dedicated to beating this raid.

These two options are recommended since you will most definitely die a lot if you attempt it on a lower power level.

What you need to enter THE Root of Nightmares (requirements)

Like any other DLC (expansion) for Destiny 2, you will need Lightfall to be able to play the raid. This isn’t the only requirement though – your character has to be at least 1770 power level.

If somehow you are still nowhere near this power level, we suggest two things. One, try to complete the campaign on Legend Difficulty. Two, if you cannot find teammates or you struggle to finish it on this difficulty, fret not. You should check out Blazing’s Sherpa services which will get you going quickly AND have you reaching the soft cap super fast.

Technically, you can try the raid if you’re under-geared. Only if you want to get rag-dolled by the first couple of minions to oblivion, that is. So, yes – do try to level up as fast as possible by doing daily, tasks and everything available to you to gain more power.


The new raid will be pretty much the same in terms of rewards. There’s one guaranteed RNG drop per boss. You will also get a guaranteed Spoils of Conquest. We still don’t know the exact number of items and their quality/perks – we have to wait until Bungie decides to share it with everyone on the day of Root of Nightmare’s release.

Now, on to the more familiar and widely-known stuff that Bungie’s already confirmed will be added with the raid:

  • Weekly Puzzle Chest – by opening it, you will have a chance to get x1 Random Deepsight Weapon. This is of course, only available on a selected character (not all 3).
  • Weekly Challenge – extra rewards are available if you complete the Root of Nightmares raid’s weekly challenge.

The new weapons, mods, and armor from the Root of Nightmares raid are also included in the secret chests. Keep in mind though that this is only possible for these chests if you have already completed the encounter.

It is highly suggested that you obtain x240 Spoils of Conquest since with 20 of these you can recraft the loot you will receive from the raid and the weekly puzzle chest.

Now, enough about hypothetical RNG things – let’s talk LOOT! The Root of Nightmares will drop some of the best items in the game and these are relegated to:

  • Raid armor for each class;
  • Special Mods that are unique to the raid;
  • Legendary Weapons from the Normal and Deesight variety;
  • Exotic and Raid emblem for Root of Nightmares.

The Emblem can only be obtained by defeating the last boss of the Root of NIghtmares raid which is the boss Nezarec (The Explicator). There’s yet any confirmation of what the raid exotic will be and how you will get it. Maybe it’s an RNG drop or maybe there’s a quest associated with it. We will sure find out on March 10th.


Thanks to the changes made in Lightfall, the difficulty of obtaining the best gear the game has to offer has gone off the roof. For one, you will have to grind the new Root of Nightmares raid on Master difficulty. The main reason for this change is that Adept and Horrowed weapons will be getting the new advanced perks.

Thanks to this change, Master-level weapons are superior to their baseline version but also, the Adept guns version. With the new crafting system, you can no longer craft weapons from the gold old Trials of Osiris/ GM. This means they are left out and cannot gain the new enhanced perks.

Still, the change comes with a bonus – the new weapons can get Adept-level mods and enhanced perks. These are actually combined and can be added to your weapon.

Bungie has made it so you will have to choose which one of your characters can get the best guns. This is because there’s now a higher threshold of 1810+ power level to use them. If you give a character with a lower power level he won’t do any damage.

Additionally, you can only get one gun per week for every one of your characters. If you get a copy, you can recraft it with the Spoils of Conquest, which, will not be so easy to obtain. Plus, you will also not be able to get the secret chest loot on Master Difficulty.

Finally, the raid itself will be much, much more difficult than anything before you’ve faced. Bungie taunts players that they will die since enemies do much more damage and Guardians receive more. If you add more mods, your enemies’ power will also increase. This makes it essential to have a well-balanced team to get through. We at Blazing recognize the difficulty of the grind and have prepared a special Root of the NIghtmares preorder option which will get to your desired loot as fast and as painlessly as possible.

Much like previous raids, in Root of Nightmares, you will be able to get a special seal and titles by completing the raid and earning the triumphs. Killing the last boss also will allow you to loot and exotic cosmetic.

Bungie has certainly tuned this raid for the hardcore crowd. The changes done to the weapons and the overall difficulty means players who crave challenge will definitely get it. Still, if you only want to grab some gear and guns you can do so – by crafting weapons after completing the raid on Legend Difficulty.

The best is yet to come

This is the current situation for the upcoming Root of Nightamres raid for Lightfall. We learned that Bungie wants us to “git good” and start playing on Master Difficulty, if we want the best equipment. Additionally, there are a lot of new improvements and challenges that should make us baulk before the new ceiling.

But fear not – thanks to the new gear and stats, we will be able to achieve the impossible. Stopping the Witness is within our grasp. Onwards, Guardians!

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

  • What Power Level is required to complete Root of Nightmares raid?
    • 1770 is he base-line though anything above 1780 is recommended
  • When is Root of Nightamre being released?
    • The 10th of March (9 AM pacific time)
  • Why should I try completing RoN raid on Master difficulty?
    • The best loot is only obtained on this difficulty.
  • How do I get the new exotic from RoN?
    • It is a drop from the last boss of the raid, called Nezarec (The Explicator)
  • Is the new raid soloable?
    • No. You need a team of seasoned and well geared Guardians to complete it, even on Legend difficulty.

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