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Finally the long-awaited conclusion to the Grandmaster Nightfalls in the Season of Plunder series. In this article, I will cover the final three Grandmaster Nightfalls. If you haven’t already please be sure to check out the previous two articles on the topic as well.

You can click here for part 1 of the Grandmaster Nightfalls series and you can find part 2 here.

Some of the information I use in this article will reflect on the previous info given in Grandmaster Nightfalls Season of Plunder parts 1 and 2. Without further ado let’s begin with everyone’s not-so-favorite Exodus Crash.

Exodus Crash – grandmaster nightfalls

After a brief removal Exodus Crash was returned to Destiny 2 with Forsaken and oh boy, Thaviks was not fun. A mobile boss who runs around keeping his head low is never entertaining. Even so, the Grandmaster version of the Nightfall is not too difficult.

Now to get into the nitty-gritty of it. This Grandmaster Nightfall has only Solar shields, meaning that we get a lot of space to work with builds. The champion mods are Anti Barrier and Overload and the burn is Arc.

I’ve mentioned this in previous chapters, but just because it’s Arc burn you shouldn’t feel pressured to default into using it. Protective Supers will still do the trick. Things like Bubble, Stealth, and Well of Radiance, will all work wonderfully. Some recommendations for Arc however would include things like Gathering Storm, Thundercrash, and Chaos Reach.

In terms of weapons, you can use a combination of different things, but it’s almost always good to have a Divinity. It’s an all-rounder and even after the nerf it is still one of the most useful exotics. With innate Overload, it’s going to make short work of all of the champs of which there are many.

If you want to go another direction and incorporate bows into your build. While you could default to a Legendary solar bow like Strident Whistle or Tyranny of Heaven with Arbalest. There’s also the option of running any of the exotic bows, namely Ticuu’s Divination.

That should cover the build portion of the explanation and now you should be ready to enter the Grandmaster Nightfall. Upon entering you will be spawned in a large area, make sure you don’t go too far ahead. In front of you will be large pillars of light that you need to “hack” in order to progress.

There will be mobs right below you in the beginning area, make sure to kill them before you proceed. Another thing you need to keep an eye out for is Pyke Riders. They are for whatever reason turned all the way up in GMs and will absolutely obliterate you.

Make sure to shoot them off the Pykes and then you can safely proceed. After hacking all of the beacons you can kill the elite and proceed to the next room. Once you’ve killed a couple of mobs you’ll end up in a room with a jammer.

Basically, it’s “capture the plate” time again. You send Ghost out to hack the jammer, the Fallen are however running interference so you need to stay close by. After killing a couple of waves of mobs and champions the hack should be done and you can proceed.

Back to hacking beacons of light, I know, quite original. After destroying the spider tank you can move on to the next and final area. Traverse across the platforms and you’ll end up at the boss room finally.

When in the boss room you’ll want to head to the left straight away. There is a stack of boxes and fuel cells that you can stand behind in order to make sure you’re safe. With that out of the way just shoot the boss, kill the mobs, rinse and repeat.

And that’s Exodus Crash, if you follow these instructions you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Moving on to The Disgraced.

The Disgraced – grandmaster nightfalls

Arguably the easiest and quickest out of all of the Grandmaster Nightfalls. The Disgraced is the record for the quickest clear of a Grandmaster Nightfall ever. This is largely due to you not being hindered by anything except your ability to kill mobs fast.

This is probably my personal favorite since it’s very quick. It can be rough on your first try, but once you have it done it’s very quick.

In terms of elemental shields, for this one, we have all three. It’s best to coordinate with your team to make sure everything is cleared. For champions, there’s Anti Barrier and Overload again as well as Arc Burn.

So most of what I said in the previous Grandmaster Nightfall applies to this one as well. The only difference is the choice of bow. I highly recommend that everyone should pick up one of each exotic bow. All of them have wonderful proc potential as well as being insane at mob clearing.

Divinity still works well and for Anti Barrier options, you should consider getting a Scout or Sniper. Both are extremely viable with snipers having that umph to them. They will also be really good since you don’t need mob clearing when you have bows.

The beginning of the GM is in the open on the Cosmodrome. You can walk or sparrow inside and you will be met with mobs from both sides after you climb the stairs. Make sure to focus on clearing both sides so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Slow and steady wins the race. Once you’ve cleared the first room you climb further up to a slightly larger room with more cover and continue to clear mobs. There will be floating Shriekers outside on both the left and right sides. There’s also a walkway from which the mobs will be coming.

For the most part, you can focus on the ones in the middle, there won’t be many but keep an eye on the sides as well. Once you kill those, you can proceed to the next area. After killing some more mobs you’ll have a place where you can sparrow. Follow the path holding the right side and you should be fine. Once you’ve hacked the terminal the next part starts.

This is the first time you will meet Navota. Beat her up and her minions while you’re at it and she’ll leave for her final chambers. After beating up her brats, you’ll be able to access the boss room. Navota has a total of three phases, the first starts once you shoot her for the first time and lasts until you take off her first bar of health.

In between that and the second phase she’ll spawn a bunch of mobs coming from the left side of the room including Ogres. Make quick work of them and Navota will come back for the second phase. The second phase lasts until half of the second bar and she will once again spawn mobs.

While you’re clearing the mobs she’ll come back for the third phase in the same spot she was for the second. Once you clear the mobs and damage her enough, she’ll start relocating down into her pit. You can opt into killing her mobs first or just focus her down for a quick kill and end it there.

That’s the Disgraced, nice and easy. I’m sure you’ll love it once you get the hang of it. Moving on to the last Grandmaster Nightfall for this series, The Devil’s Lair.

The Devil’s Lair – Grandmaster nightfalls

Last but not least, introduced in Beyond Light along with the Cosmodrome. Coming in at a billion mobs, everyone gives it up for… The Devil’s Lair! It’s a medium difficulty in large parts due to the sheer amount of terrain the mobs can hide behind.

Overall one of the easier ones once you’ve gotten the hang of it. This Grandmaster Nightfall will include all three elemental shields. It will also include, you guessed it Arc burn and Anti Barrier + Overload. Hugely diverse this season with burns and mod types.

The exact same things apply to this one in terms of builds. Nothing much left to say, it’s the same mods and elements. So I’ll go straight into the explanation.

Immediately upon entering you are in danger, not too far away from you mobs will spawn. Make sure your team is ready before you launch and as you spawn immediately take a left. You can jump on the roof of the nearby building, there you will be fine to proceed holding the left.

You can hide on the next roof and clear the mobs in the open area there. Once safe you can proceed inside, the next obstacle lies in the split-up doors. Make sure to clear the shield of the witch on the left and clear mobs on the right. Once those are cleared comes the first harder part.

Clear all the mobs leading up to the big room, once that’s done start hacking the terminal and hide behind the cistern to the right. Behind there, no mobs should be able to hit you. Take your time and clear the room.

After clearing the mobs three times you’ll be able to proceed to the next area. On your way kill all the mobs and you will be in the next larger area. Killing the mobs quickly is key.

Right after you enter the next area the best place to hide is right as you enter the room, so just hide there and clear the mobs. There will be two Briggs and one Spider tank. There will also be a handful of champions. Make short work of those with the bows and linear fusions and you should be able to move to the next area.

Be careful once you’ve killed all the mobs however, the door will open and an Overload champion will come out. Once you kill him you can move on to the boss room.

In the boss room, you’ll want to go left immediately, there’s a small room you can hide. Shoot through the broken windows and door to clear all of the mobs. Once that is done the boss will be open to damage.

Deal a third of his health and he will phase, becoming immune and spawning 4 servitors around him. In order to get him to the second damage phase you have to kill all 4 servitors. However, there will also be a bunch of mobs that spawn in the area, so consider clearing those first.

The same goes for the third phase and once you’ve finished all three that will mark the end of the Grandmaster Nightfall. And with that, you’ve completed all the GMs.

In Conclusion

This concludes all of the Grandmaster Nightfalls in Season of Plunder. I loved writing this series as Grandmasters are something I’m very fond of. I mentioned that I had Gilded my Conqueror seal every season and this is no exception.

In between the first article and this one I’ve completed gilding it a sixth time and had some fun with my friends. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading the articles and are looking forward to next season when I write about it again.

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Best of luck Guardian!

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