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The ALGS Split One 2023 in London has officially crowned its king – TSM! The NA team which is the most consistent and arguably, most famous team in the world, secured the win in the 8th match of the finals. The runner-up, NRG, had overall more points but they didn’t manage to secure a win after getting 50 points.

If you are unfamiliar with the ALGS rules for the finals, to win a team needs an MP (match point). This is achieved by having a minimum of 50 points won from matches (a combination of placement and kills). TSM had to first earn the 50-point threshold and THEN win a game to win the championship.

It was a very hard-won battle. NRG was playing insanely well these past two days. They had the title in their sights but faltered when it mattered the most. One could see that ImperialHal and Reps’s experience, coupled with Verhulst’s insane game sense truly made the difference. Fans are already proclaiming Hal’s genius in hiring Raven as their coach. Thanks to his ingenious tactics, the team managed to stay relevant and secure a win that had eluded them for 3 whole years.


Overall, this has been a very different ALGS. Some of the fan favorites from last year like Furia and Optic Gaming failed to qualify. Newcomers like Moist Gaming made history byqualifying andt placing 6th overall. Ascend and XSET were playing consistently well and could’ve easily won the tournament as well.

Mande and Alliance were also dominating, with the former playing Pathfinder and still dominating was a sight to behold.

It was an overall incredible experience and the future looks bright for Apex Legends e-sports. With season 16 around the corner and MAJOR changes coming to the overall META, it is an excellent time to become a fan of Apex.

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