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It is a sad day to be a Titanfall and Apex Legends fan, for we get yet another canceled single player attempt in its very infancy. Today, Apex Legends News has tweeted that the long-awaited and rumored project is no longer “a go” at Respawn.

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone with knowledge of EA’s history, the development of the yet unannounced project was terminated. The teams working on it will either join the main Apex crew or get laid off.

This couldn’t have arrived at a worse possible time for Apex. While the game’s been steadily regaining player numbers, people’s satisfaction with the game’s state hit an abysmal low. Not only was the game hit with LTM after LTM of dubious quality. but we keep getting recolored items for $160.

With so much zero effort around, it’s really shocking to see just how little faith Respawn and EA have in their franchise for an Apex Legends single player game.


Sure, Titanfall 2 wasn’t the giant success Battlefield or Call of Duty were (back in the day). However, players took note of the fantastic Single Player campaign. While short by most standards, it introduced us to the iconic BT7274 – the coolest Robo companion, ever.

It’s a Titan, with a sword and a Pilot that can wall run and double jump… and the suits at EA thought it wasn’t “enough”

It was thanks to the single player that the game picked up momentum. People soon discovered that the multiplayer kicked freaking ass as well. It helped spark a cult following that just exploded Apex Legends when it came out. The fans clearly wanted more.

So, when the news and the rumor mill broke the info that Respawn wants to expand the Apex universe with an SP foray, we rejoiced. After all, Apex has way more to offer in terms of lore and amazing and fleshed-out characters.

Hope denied

At the end of the day, one may feel hopeful and optimistic, if the Apex team gets more skilled people to do some actual work.

However, knowing how EA operates and how much Respawn has been focused on their Star Wars forays, returning to our beloved Titanfall universe seems a touch too far away.

There’s the faint chance that EA may recognize that BR games aren’t forever. Lots of single players games have the potential to allow new players to flock to existing entries.

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