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Apex Legends Season 16 – The Legend TIER LIST

It is high time that we revisit the current legend placement and talk about the Tier List for Season 16. The META has shifted from the dead-boring Gibby-Bloodhound-Valkyre to anything + Valkyre. Honestly, it is so refreshing seeing legends like Bangalore, Crypto, and Wattson (yes, EVEN Watsson!) being used in high-level play.

In the lower ranks and people who “just want to have fun” there aren’t many earth-shattering changes. Still, let’s take a look at what the Season 16 Legend Tier List looks like in both cases, shall we?

What to use in Pubs

S Bloodhound, Octane, Valkyrie
A Gibraltar, Horizon, Seer, Wraith, Fuse
B Ash, Catalyst, Caustic, Loba, Lifeline, Newcastle, Rampart, Pathfinder
C Bangalore, Maggie,  Mirage, Revenant
D Crypto, Vantage, Wattson

Let’s start from the bottom – the D-tier legends which are arguably the worst when it comes to public games. Why, though? Why are Crypto, Vantage, and Wattson so low on the totem poll? Well, for starters, there’s a reason why you want a fast legend in the chaos that is Pubs. Crypto is the exact opposite of that. Also, try to remember the last time you had a great Crypto teammate.

Vantage is just… off, especially for players who want to have fun. Her auto-aim sniper replenishes ammo way too slowly, her Q is super weird (and 90% of players don’t use it properly)… Oh and don’t get us started on her model. She’s like a giant target practice dummy.

As for Wattson… let’s just say you won’t be defending anything in a game where in the last circle there will be a maximum of 3 teams, 2 of which are rats.

C-tier things starts picking up. Bangalore is much more usable since she can at least smoke and most players have no idea how to utilize digies. The problem is, she’s great in the early game but is next to unusable mid-late game. The same goes for Maggie and Mirage – both super fun to play but ultimately bring nothing spectacular to the table. Revenant is one trick pony – you either have an Octane to utilize with him or you just die a lot.

Not really the S tier we were expecting from Catalyst

In the B tier, there are some solid pics. Caustic, Loba, Lifeline, and newcomer Catalyst are all very well balanced in most teams. The trouble is, you are rare to find a good Rampart, Pathfinder or an Ash to tip the scales. That doesn’t mean they’re bad per see – it’s just you usually won’t find teams to take advantage of their uses and forward momentum.

In A tier we have everyone’s favorite Wraith and Horizon – super useful if you’re selfish and want to pick fights alone. Gibraltar is a close pick since his bubble means you get to live longer. Fuse is always fun and can do a lot of damage in all that chaos. Seer on the other hand is just a well-rounded legend that is, again, rarely ever taken to his full potential (but it is there).

Last but never least, we have the top picks for Pubbing. Bloodhound is super great since you can scan and kill shit fast. Octane is just stemming and shooting nonstop. Valk – is an all around great legend to both get kills and have fun.

Which legend to use in Ranked

S Caustic, Valkyrie, Horizon, Seer, Crypto, Wattson
A Newcastle, Gibraltar, Catalyst, Bangalore,  Fuse
B Ash, Maggie, Bloodhound, Loba, Rampart
C Lifeline, Vantage, Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder
D Mirage, Revenant

Things are, as you can see, much, much different for Ranked play. When you take the fun out of the equation, Mirage and Revenant are next to useless. The same goes for Vantage, Wraith (nerfed beyond oblivion), and Octane (who you can hear from next town over). Pathfinder does nothing on Broken Moon and still has no passive…

In the B Tier, things are looking up if you pick up Ash, Loba, or Rampart. Super for teams that want to stay up to a late game or hunt players with Bloodhound / Maggie meta.

In A tier we see the emergence of the Defense and Offense meta: Gibbi and Newcastle. Both used to surprise the shit out of teams that are caught out of place. Catalyst and Bangalore bring the rare for denying LOS, while Fuse is just super strong for damaging and cornering enemies.

Nothing beats a legend with a Jetpack.

Finally, this season’s S-Tier is more varied than ever. We have Caustic, Crypto, and Wattson in the defensive portion. This is closely followed by the offensiveness of Valkyre and Seer and Horizon – favorite picks for most pros that know how to position.

What is your main this season? Do you think this tier list reflects how you should play in Pubs or Ranked? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

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