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Apex Legends WinterTide EVENT is back!

Nothing says “Chrismass is coming” like the Apex Legends Wintertide Event! The fan favorite mode is bringing in a whole host of goodies for players to clamor over, the latest of which is a hyped beyond belief Wraith Prestige Skin.

For the treasure seekers, the Apex Wintertide Event is brining in the big guns: everyone’s favorite Pubs leaver Wraith gets her very own Prestige Skin. Now you can ditch your group in style 🙂


The event is hosted every year in December and lasts for 2 weeks. This year, it will start on December 6th and last for 2 weeks. EA and Respawn have marketed this one quite a lot with a good reason. There are several really cool new cosmetics to purchase.

You will also be able to play the insanely fun Winter Express LTM. The train has been a sample of the World’s Edge map. It’s been decommissioned a couple of seasons back, but it returns for this event, yearly.

The basic premise is your team needs to hold the train while you are getting assaulted from all sides. The team that manages to hold the train the longest – wins!

In need for a quality team to play with you casually during the Apex Legends Wintertide Event? BlazingBoost can set you up with a Pro or Two to help you chill:

Ho! Ho! Ho-oly crap that Wraith Prestige Skin!

This skin looks super dope— wait a minute! Who put Frost from Mortal Kombat in my Apex Legends!?

It is safe to say Respawn took some, err, “liberties” when they created Wraith’s new Prestige skin.

We are not imagining it right?

It is still an insanely cool skin that fits Wraith and her overall vibe.

The same rules apply for this Prestige – you can only get it when you have obtained all items from the event. This means you will have to shell out close to $160.

You will also need to “unlock” each phase to upgrade to the final and most badass look by dealing damage in BR’s or Arena.

Legendaries for everyone

It would be pretty lame to try to explain the new legendary skins for the selected legends within the Apex Wintertide event. Our recommendation is to look at the trailer and decide if they’re worth your time.


Are you guys hyped for Wintertide or have you fallen for the “Apex is doomed” rumors that appear this time of year? Tell us in the comments! 🙂

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