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Apex Legends Season 16 – The Rumors have begun!

It is no wonder that Apex Legends Season 16 is even now something that many players desperately need. Respawn has been very slow at delivering new and exciting LTMs. The Winteride event introduced an amazing-looking Prestige Skin for Wraith but locked it behind a $160 paywall. There were a ton of reskins and the LTM itself is the same one for 3 years in a row.

Ranked is still plaguing a ton of players. Cheaters are running rampant. Two big organizations have left the competitive scene (with one other threatening to do it later in 2023). Many players feel fatigue and with Overwatch, Warzone 2.0, and Fortnite getting fresh new LTM’s and modes, Apex needs to hit it big.

Hit and miss – some of the Legends from the Apex roster proved true, others… not so much

Luckily for all those Apex Legends fans out there, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Several high-profile professional players have been invited to test S16 out. Perhaps the most famous of them, Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen, has cryptically replied to a fan question on stream regarding this.

According to him, ALTHOUGH he cannot share anything due to NDAs and being too early, S16 is going to rock. It is going to be something truly game-changing for the aging BR. What is he talking about? Well, there are some rumors we can address, at least for now.


This can even be considered “old news” since this Legend was “leaked” several times already. Uplink is rumored to be a recon legend like Pathfinder, with abilities that rely on traversal and improved team utility. Thordan Smash, the YouTuber that “leaked” the legend in question, goes into more detail explaining his Q, Ultimate, and overall gameplay style:

This is, of course, nothing confirmed. However, if we consider his legitimacy of leaking the current legend (Catalyst), we can take this with at least 50% certainty.

Who knows, Respawn might showcase someone more lore-friendly…


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new weapon. Apparently, Respawn is going to bring something new to the table – an SMG by all accounts. Again, this is unconfirmed, and seeing how we’ve had the CAR (which is an SMG), there’s still doubt.

We may be getting a new pistol or a shotgun for all we know. Still, the SMG is a strong contender since its placeholder model was found in the recent data mines.


The most exciting news and what people hope the most is regarding the current roster of Legends. In S15 we didn’t get ANY major updates on the current meta. It was up to Pros to mix things up, letting in Bangalore, Catalyst, Fuse, and even Wattson into the mix.

For S16, Respawn is gonna go big – really big. There are for now unconfirmed changes for all legends – Recon, Support, Defense, and Offense. Each is going to be getting something unique, like Lifeline’s support packages. It is rumored that Pathfinder, for instance, will finally get a worthwhile passive. Huge nerfs and buffs should bring in many legends from hibernation and even bring them into META status.


Respawn is currently working on shaking things up for the available game modes. The competition has been fierce, and it seems the developer finally heard players’ pleas for more game modes. It is kind of weird how they plan on deleting the Arena – apparently, this is considered strongly since not many people play and cheating is even worse than in BR.

Apparently, there are going to be more original LTMs and even some which will remain longer than usual, offering more rewards.

That’s it for the rumor mill. Are you excited about Apex’s future? We sure hope S16 is more exciting and brings even more players back for the Apex games!

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